Tattoo Art by Doralba Picerno

Tattoo Art by Doralba Picerno

Author:Doralba Picerno
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Arcturus Digital Limited


Nautical motifs such as ships, anchors, lighthouses and compasses were among the earliest subjects for tattoos, as sailors brought them home from the South Seas to Europe and North America. For this reason, the first tattoo parlours appeared around ports and harbours. Nautical tattoos became popular following the Second World War, when naval servicemen used them to celebrate their homecoming. At the end of his tour of duty, a sailor would get a ship tattooed on his body to celebrate the achievement; the practice marked a rite of passage, a coming of age. Some sailors also regarded the tattoo as a talisman which would protect the wearer when he was away at sea.

Today, anchors, lighthouses, compasses and nautical stars are still popular as tattoo subjects, symbolizing safety, stability in the face of adversity and clarity of direction. However, in general, ship tattoos now owe less to the completion of a tour of naval duty and more to a fascination with pirates as an archetype of the free spirit in search of adventure.

Another popular transportation motif is the car, which underlines a passion for independence and travelling. For some, a car tattoo indicates nothing more than the fact that the wearer is a petrol head! But others may choose car tattoos to symbolize departure, escape and the freedom of travel and discovery.


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