December by Merel Pierce

December by Merel Pierce

Author:Merel Pierce [Pierce, Merel]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781733837002
Publisher: Reticent Desire Publications
Published: 2019-05-22T18:30:00+00:00

Chapter 19

December woke with a start, confusion clouding her mind as she blinked blurry vision at the unfamiliar surroundings and struggled to sit up. Almost immediately, a familiar noise rumbled to life nearby. It took the edge off her panic and loosened the tension in her shoulders. She inhaled his scent as deeply as her bruised body would allow, sliding her eyes towards the source nearby.

Nikolai was seated next to her bed, and the weary looking alpha had begun purring the moment she woke unsettled. She stared openly for several moments, studying the dark circles under his eyes. The stubble on his jaw and the dried blood on his clothing made it clear. He hadn’t left her side since he retrieved her from the warehouse.

Their eyes met as the male leaned forward, and December felt herself unconsciously shying away from his closeness. When it became apparent he was retrieving something from the floor, her gaze flickered uncertainly towards where his hand was gathering a pillow from beside his chair. Her retreat stopped.

She watched suspiciously as the male deposited the pillow behind her without getting up, grateful his long ranging reach didn’t require him to hover over her to do so. Once he’d finished, she sat back slowly, eyes still trained on the alpha.

For a few moments, neither of them spoke. To her it seemed as though each of them were hesitant to speak, as if they both suspected they might say something wrong. In the end, he was the first to break the silence.

“How are you feeling, December?”

She snorted, redirecting her attention to the rumpled blankets in her lap. “Like hammered shit,” she muttered bitterly. It was true. Her head was pounding, and her entire body seemed to ache and burn with each movement she made. The alpha sighed, reaching forward once more to retrieve the remote attached to the hospital bed. She watched as he pressed the call button for the nurse, then returning the remote to its former resting place.

“Is the pain great?”

She shot an annoyed look his direction. “Yes.” She shifted uncomfortably, as if to illustrate her point. Before he had an opportunity to respond, there was a knock on the door, followed by a young nurse pushing it wide as she came into the room. The woman’s eyes lit on December first, and she smiled sweetly.

“Good morning! What can I do for you, hon?”

“Ms. Vale is experiencing some discomfort. Please page her doctor and inform her that she is awake and needs her pain management assessed.” Nikolai interjected evenly. The woman’s gaze swiveled towards the hulking alpha in the chair, a flicker of uncertainty washing through her expression.

“Um. Yes, ok. I’ll do that right now.”

“Thank you.”

With a fleeting, almost worried glance towards December, the woman retreated. Once the door had shut, December rolled her eyes. “Must be nice, being able to scare people into compliance so easily.”

“It has its advantages.”

She frowned, picking at a hangnail as she tried to avoid looking at the alpha by her side who was still purring a soothing cadence at her.


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