Blood (The Grimm Cases Book 3) by Lyla Oweds

Blood (The Grimm Cases Book 3) by Lyla Oweds

Author:Lyla Oweds [Oweds, Lyla]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-07-17T16:00:00+00:00

Julian followed Brayden into the room, returning to my other side. Bryce moved to the couch nearby, while Brayden moved to sit across the circle from me. Between Damen and Julian, I was surrounded by muscle. It made me wonder if the setup was deliberate? Were they trying to intimidate Bryce and Brayden?

Or perhaps they just wanted to sit next to me? I wasn’t sure, but all this testosterone was beginning to make me feel ill. Where was Maria? I had the sudden urge for some bosom-buddy time.

Why were we sitting in a circle now though? I didn’t think we were doing anything yet.

“What’s happening? Are we doing an exorcism now, or doing medium stuff?” I asked, glancing at Brayden.

“Mediums generally do not perform exorcisms, even though our presence is helpful,” Bryce responded, crossing his legs. “And it is not time to discuss training right now.”

“We’re waiting for Miles and Titus.” Damen leaned back, watching Bryce even as he spoke to me. “We need two things to exorcise anyone. Brayden already gathered the required information. We’d also need an item that ties the spirit to this world. We’re not certain of what we could use for that yet. Meanwhile, it might help to know more about Lily. That is what Miles has been working on. And Titus is in the basement. He’s going to bring up the remains for Julian.”

I glanced at Julian, and he read the question in my expression. “I’ll be doing a reading on Lily’s bones,” he explained, looking none too pleased. “I couldn’t get near them before now. It was a strong curse, and Miles had to use some force to break it. The action left the remains delicate. The memories that have stayed will be fragile.”

My vision drifted back to Damen. “What was the curse?”

“I’d like to know as well,” Bryce interjected, “since no one has told us anything. You said you’d fill us in.” He leveled an expectant glare at Damen.

After a tense moment, Damen sighed. “I did, didn’t I? I suppose you’re in, temporarily.”

“What a joy,” Bryce replied.

“The curse was tied to the bones.” Damen ignored Bryce’s response. “At its core, it’s a tracking curse. It uses forbidden magic, which makes the process more complicated.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Earth-based magic is uncomplicated and a spell’s intentions are straightforward,” Julian explained. “Even the strongest spells are simple. The strength of the spell comes from the caster, not the magic itself. Therefore, cancelling out another’s magic takes skill. You’re intervening with another’s intentions, and the opposition’s willpower must overshadow the original’s.”

“Curses and spells are the same, but different,” Damen interjected. “While spells are based on the person, curses are made stronger through a sacrifice. Any kind of sacrifice in practice is banned, but almost nothing is as powerful as a curse born from human sacrifice. In such cases, the curse is tied to the object that gave it strength. Unless the object is destroyed, or the spell counteracted, it is difficult to break a curse.”

Chills shot down my spine.


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