Best of Jane Grigson by Jane Grigson

Best of Jane Grigson by Jane Grigson

Author:Jane Grigson
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: COOKING / Regional & Ethnic / European
ISBN: 9781910690567
Publisher: Grub Street Cookery
Published: 2015-06-19T04:00:00+00:00




Prepare the marinade and boil the mushrooms in it as directed in preceding recipe. Remove mushrooms, and reduce sauce until it is thick. Skin and chop 3 large tomatoes, add to sauce, and boil for a few minutes. Pour boiling sauce over mushrooms. Serve chilled, sprinkled with a little chopped parsley. [The Mushroom Feast]




125 g (4 oz) butter

1 medium onion, chopped

250–375 g (8–12 oz) ceps, caps sliced, stalks chopped

500 g (1 lb) Italian rice

250 ml (8 fl oz) dry white wine

up to 1½ litres (2½ pt) meat stock

salt, pepper

Parmesan cheese, grated

When the French have a few ceps, they stretch them with potatoes. The northern Italians choose rice; the plump melting grains produced in the Po valley go well with mushrooms. The recipe is simple, the standard risotto with one extra ingredient.

Melt half the butter, and sweat the onion in it. When it is soft, stir in the ceps and cook for another 5 minutes. Add the rice, and when it becomes translucent, pour in the wine. This will soon be absorbed, so add a quarter of the stock, then another quarter as that disappears. And so on, until the rice is cooked – about 20 minutes. Different kinds of rice, even different brands, need different amounts of liquid, so this is a dish to be watched.

Correct the seasoning and stir in the remaining butter and several tablespoons of cheese. Serve at once, with more grated cheese in a separate bowl. [The Mushroom Feast]


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