Beach View Boarding House [02] Far From Home by Ellie Dean

Beach View Boarding House [02] Far From Home by Ellie Dean

Author:Ellie Dean [Dean, Ellie]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Sagas
ISBN: 009956047X
Google: VAKsAeLgpS4C
Amazon: B006K21HYU
Goodreads: 16562114
Publisher: Random House
Published: 2012-01-19T06:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twelve

POLLY WAS STILL buzzing with the liveliness of the lunchtime party and felt happier than she had in a long while. She’d managed to have a fairly long chat with Adam during visiting time – even though it was mostly her doing the chatting – and he’d seemed a little more conscious of what was going on around him before he’d once again fallen asleep.

Her patients also seemed in a better frame of mind tonight, as well, but Polly put that down to the lack of any raids throughout the day. They had sat and knitted and gossiped and read magazines, and then had enjoyed the short visits from their friends and relatives before quite happily settling down for the night after their cocoa.

Now the ward was quiet, Sister was on her break, and Polly was sitting in the pool of light cast by the table lamp which sat on the edge of Sister’s desk. She was going through the medical notes of each patient, making sure everything was up to date. Two of them would be going home tomorrow, so there would be a bit of a change-round in the morning.

‘Staff Nurse Brown.’

Polly started; she hadn’t heard Matron creeping up on her. Did the blasted woman never sleep? She quickly rose from the chair, wondering if she was about to be torn off a strip for visiting Adam out of hours – or worse, that Adam’s condition had suddenly deteriorated – but Matron’s expression was unreadable. ‘It’s not Adam, is it, Matron?’ she asked fearfully.

‘Your husband is sleeping quite peacefully, Staff Nurse.’

Polly saw something approaching hesitation and reluctance in those steely eyes and it made her mouth dry and her pulse race. ‘What is it?’ she breathed.

Matron took her arm and firmly led her through the double doors into the corridor. ‘It seems you are needed back at Beach View Boarding House,’ she said quietly. ‘Mrs Reilly will explain everything when you get there.’

‘What’s happened? Is someone hurt?’

Matron reached into the tiny room set aside for the nurses to make tea during their breaks, and pulled Polly’s cloak, handbag and gas mask from the coat-stand. Her expression softened as she held them out to Polly. ‘I understand there has been a fatality,’ she said with a gentleness no one had witnessed before.

Polly thought her heart would burst from her chest as she struggled into the cloak and grabbed the rest of her things. ‘A fatality? But who?’

Matron put her warm, soft hand on Polly’s shoulder. ‘Mrs Reilly needs you, Nurse,’ she said softly. ‘I can’t tell you anything more, I’m sorry.’

Polly flew along the corridor and hurtled down the stairs. Her thoughts were going a mile a minute as her footsteps pounded the pavement and echoed through the silent streets, and her heart thudded against her ribs.

Who could have died? Surely not Mrs Finch – or Ron – or Danuta? Oh God, it felt as if Beach View Terrace was miles away instead of just a few hundred yards down the road.


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