A Tangled Web by Leslie Rule

A Tangled Web by Leslie Rule

Author:Leslie Rule
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Citadel Press
Published: 2020-02-19T16:00:00+00:00



Though their lives were irrevocably connected by a web of seemingly tenuous strands, none of them realized how tightly they were bound in the same intricate trap. They were vaguely aware of the others’ existence but still so unfamiliar that if they had passed on the street, it would be as strangers.

The predator sat smug, smack in the middle of the web that only she could see. She amused herself, spinning lies, entangling her victims as she fed on their confusion and distress. She was so like a spider with her invisible snare, but for the fact a spider’s intention is not cruelty. A spider is driven by instinct to survive.

Shanna Elizabeth Golyar was deliberately cruel.

In the thick of the summer of 2013, she plotted new ways to deceive, to harm, and destroy. Her victims were numerous, but in this evil spate of deceptions, she favored David, Garret, and Nancy. Three innocent people, their destinies intertwined, endeavored to struggle free of the trap without realizing exactly what it was that held them. Sometimes one of her victims wiggled free, and she had to work extra hard to trap them again. Dave seemed to be slipping away from her that summer. He’d once again become fed up with her jealous nagging and dumped her. While no one can guess exactly what was going on inside Liz’s head, the plan she concocted and was about to implement indicates her desperation was immense.

She would do anything to get Dave back. Anything. She would kill for him. That is not just idle talk but the raw and hateful truth. She had killed for Dave before, and her plan had worked out exactly as she’d hoped—for a while. But every time she almost had the guy where she wanted him, a fat-assed whore would waddle in and ruin everything. She warned them again and again, but they never learned.

Yes, she had killed for Dave once and was about to kill again. No one is sure exactly when Liz crept into the dark house and set the fatal fires, but it was probably very late at night on Friday, August 16, 2013, or very early the next morning. Omaha Fire Department’s Station 61 was alerted at 8:14 A.M. that Saturday to a possible house fire, two miles south of their facility. The crew rushed to their big ladder rig, donned safety gear, climbed aboard, buckled their seat-belts, and radioed dispatch that they were en route to the fire. It was 8:15 when they pulled out of the station—well within their one-minute turnout time goal.

Truck Captain Mark Sidener, with the Omaha Fire Department since 1998, worked twenty-four-hour stints, along with the rest of the crew. They started each shift at 7 A.M. and finished the next day at the same time and were only an hour and a quarter into their day when the alarm sounded. “On a possible house fire, we have a standard protocol for how many rigs we send to a fire call,” he explains.


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