The Secret Between Them by Helen Lacey

The Secret Between Them by Helen Lacey

Author:Helen Lacey
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2020-03-05T19:13:43+00:00

Chapter Eight

“I appreciate you doing this,” Sean said as they headed into town and toward the hotel that afternoon. He saw Leah nod her agreement. She looked lovely in a long-sleeved blue dress. Her hair was down, and its magical colors shimmered every time she moved.

He spotted his mother, Liam and Kayla once they were in the hotel foyer, and his brother waved to him. They greeted Leah as though seeing them together was the most normal thing in the world, and he wasn’t sure if he was irked or pleased.

“By the way,” Liam said as they walked toward one of the convention rooms. “I’m stepping back from this one. It’s just you and Jonah doing speeches for Dad today,” he said and motioned to Jonah, who was standing just inside the doorway with Kieran.

Sean stopped in his tracks and glared at his older brother. “What?”

Liam grinned. “That way you two can bond.”

Sean felt Leah’s hand touch his arm and she leaned in toward him. “It’ll be okay,” she said softly, but was close enough that he heard every word.

Sean looked at Jonah and noticed the other man was frowning. In that moment he realized how much alike he and Jonah were. Hell, they even looked alike. There was no mistaking the fact they were brothers. And they both had a tendency for bad-tempered silences.

“When is Dad getting here?” he asked, looking around at the perfectly decorated room. The tables were set. There were balloons and a huge painted sign wishing J.D. the happiest of birthdays.

“My mom said she’d get him by three,” Jonah replied and Sean glanced at his own mother.

As strong and stoic as Gwen appeared, he knew she put considerable effort into keeping up the appearance that she was doing just fine. But Sean wasn’t entirely convinced.

“You okay, Mom?” he asked once Jonah and the rest of his family moved away.

She nodded, her back straight, her eyes clear. “I’m good, honey. Don’t worry about me.”

“I do worry,” he said quietly and felt Leah’s fingers tighten reassuringly around his arm. “But if you say you’re fine, then I’ll believe you.”

Gwen patted his shoulder. “Thanks for being so sweet,” she said and then looked at Leah. “Make him have a good time today, will you?”

Leah smiled and he noticed her cheeks were pink. “I’ll do my best.”

Strangely, having Leah beside him was comforting, her silent support somehow a tangible force. He couldn’t explain it and didn’t want to dissect it. He only knew he was glad she was there.

Of course everything between them felt different. For one, all he could think about was making love with her again. It had been quite a night, filled with passion and pleasure and even laughter. Although her hasty departure had bothered him, he wasn’t about to labor over it. He knew men and women thought about sex differently. And Leah was very much a deep-feeling woman. Perhaps she simply needed some time to put what had happened between them into perspective, as he had.


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