The K Team (K Team Novels) by David Rosenfelt

The K Team (K Team Novels) by David Rosenfelt

Author:David Rosenfelt [Rosenfelt, David]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781250257192
Publisher: St. Martin's Publishing Group
Published: 2020-03-24T05:00:00+00:00

The K Team just lost its first and only client.

We’re meeting at Laurie’s house to discuss the situation, and we will be going to a memorial service for Judge Henderson directly from here. I’ve brought Simon with me since he is a member of the team as well. He won’t be going to the service; instead, he will stay at the house and play with Tara and Sebastian.

Andy asked to be a part of our meeting, probably since the case was done under his firm’s umbrella. That’s fine with me and I assume with Laurie and Marcus as well.

I speak first. “I think we’re all stunned by what happened; I know I am. The Judge was depressed and upset—anyone in his situation would be. But I never considered the possibility that he would take his own life.”

“If that’s what happened,” Laurie says.

“You think he could have been murdered?”

“I don’t know: I guess we have to defer to Pete and the others on the scene. But I’ll be interested in seeing the autopsy results.”

“Okay, but either way, even though we no longer have a client, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a job. We were hired to find out who was threatening the Judge, and that’s what I think we should do.”

Laurie nods. “I completely agree. You could make an argument that even if Judge Henderson took his own life, it was the blackmailers who killed him. Whether he did something unethical or not back then, and whether or not their evidence was real or faked, they still committed a crime.”


Laurie continues, “No one else will have any huge interest in making them pay for what they’ve done. With the Judge gone, it will barely be on anyone’s radar.”

“Don’t forget, they also sure as hell killed Vickers,” I say.

Laurie nods; I think she’s happy and surprised at where we’re winding up. She might have thought it would be hard to convince me. “I’d bet anything on it. So we’re agreed? Marcus, what do you think?”

Marcus nods. “Ynnhh.” It’s amazing how he can succinctly put what we’re all thinking into nonwords.

“So it’s settled?” I ask. “We keep at it until we put the sons of bitches away where they belong?”

Andy speaks for the first time. “And I’m your new client.”

“What does that mean?” I ask.

“I’m replacing Hatchet. I’m hiring you to do this.”

“Andy—” Laurie starts, but he interrupts her interruption.

“I mean this. I knew Hatchet better than anyone. I couldn’t stand him; he was disagreeable and insufferable. But he was also smart and fair and dedicated. I want to know what happened, and I want to clear his name, if it deserves to be cleared, and I believe it does. If I didn’t hire you to do it, I’d hire someone else.”

“It’s possible you’re not the irritating lowlife I assumed you to be,” I say.

“Stop … I promised myself I wouldn’t cry,” Andy says.

“Okay, so let me put it another way. We’re trading one obnoxious client for another.”

“Much better,” he says.

We spend the better part of an hour planning our next investigative steps.


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