Rival Sisters by Louise Guy

Rival Sisters by Louise Guy

Author:Louise Guy [Guy, Louise]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-07-31T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Seventeen

Hannah watched her husband as he sipped his coffee, the paper spread out on the island bench. He looked happy and content, not like a man who’d recently lost fifteen thousand dollars gambling. He’d had a session with the psychologist the day before and it seemed to be helping with his issues surrounding his parents. His parents. She felt sick to the stomach just thinking of them and Zane Fox’s threats hanging over her.

Damien looked up, breaking her train of thought, the corners of his eyes creasing as he smiled. He reached out his hand and pulled her to him. ‘Don’t you need to get to work? As lovely and unexpected as it is to have morning tea with you on a Friday, you did say you needed to be in by lunchtime.’

Hannah nodded. She did, but she also needed to talk to him. It was the reason she’d called the office and said she was working from home this morning. She wanted to talk to him before he started his afternoon shift. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could go on without knowing the truth behind the money. As LizaE had suggested, she’d put together a lot of information on gambling addiction and where he could get help. She just hoped he was open to her talking to him about it.

‘What’s the matter?’ Damien held her at arm’s length, searching her face. ‘You look like something’s bugging you.’

‘There’s something I need to talk to you about.’

He dropped her hand. ‘Okay, let’s talk.’

‘I have to get something first.’ Hannah climbed the stairs to her office and took the folder she’d prepared from one of her drop files. She wasn’t sure at all how this was going to go.

Returning downstairs, she saw that Damien had moved into the living room and made himself comfortable on one of the reclining chairs. He grinned. ‘Thought we might as well settle in. The fact you have a folder makes me think we’re here for a long session. It’s not about horse riding, is it?’

It wasn’t, although it would be very justifiable if it were. Hannah still found it hard to believe that Damien had gone behind her back and signed Amy’s permission slip, which in effect enrolled her in the equestrian classes Hannah had said no to.

‘It’s not a big deal,’ Damien had tried to convince her. ‘We can’t mollycoddle her forever. I’ve spoken to the school about the safety equipment and how the sessions are supervised, and there’s no reason to worry. She could just as easily have an accident playing tennis and smash her head on the court. At least with horse riding she’s wearing a helmet.’ He’d pulled Hannah to him. ‘It won’t happen again, babe. Your mum was incredibly unlucky. You need to let Amy experience things.’

Hannah’s anger had left her eventually, and she did see that she was being overprotective, but could anyone blame her? If you knew someone who’d died in a motorcycle accident would you encourage your kids to get one? Of course not.


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