Deadly Connection by Lenora Worth

Deadly Connection by Lenora Worth

Author:Lenora Worth
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2020-03-05T13:29:17+00:00


“Uh...hello, sir,” Belle said, her skin burning red with embarrassment. Her gaze moved from Gavin to watching Emmett walk around the corner to where he’d parked his vehicle.

Gavin inclined his head and glanced to the street. “You and Gage seem to be on good terms.”

Not knowing what Sarge had seen, she bobbed her head. “Yes, we get along great.”

Gavin’s eyebrow twitched but he didn’t say anything to her about what he might have heard or seen. “Any work-related news for me?”

“We’re after a warrant to search Lance Johnson’s vehicle and we found the ring he was wearing.” She explained about Albert Stein. “So that verifies that Johnson had to be my attacker since it was his ring that Albert swiped. I sent it to the lab to check for DNA and fibers.” Tugging at her bun, she added, “With the fibers and epidermis particles the techs scraped from my fingernails, added to this new information, we’re building a strong case against Johnson.”

Gavin crossed his arms and pursed his lips. “That’s all great, but we need to find your attacker.”

“I’m on that, sir. He’s good at hiding but we do have people at his old hangouts watching out for him. None of them want him back, either.”

Gavin scanned the area and nodded. “And Randall Gage? No one seems to be able to get a handle on him, not even a trained US marshal who happens to be his relative.”

“Emmett’s trying, sir. He’s good at his job and I know he wants to find out the truth. He’s put out feelers and asked around all over Bay Ridge and beyond.”

“We need to track down and verify any leads, Belle.”

“We will, sir. We’re meeting up tomorrow to explore Randall’s work records, if we can find any. He works for pay under the table a lot from what Emmett’s dad left in his notes.”

“Keep your focus.”

“Yes, sir. I will. Emmett and I might be becoming friends but that’s it.”

“Right.” Gavin’s hard-edged face softened. “I remember saying that about Brianne and me, and you see where that got me.”

“You two make it work somehow,” Belle replied, smiling.

Gavin’s usually stoic expression turned into a broad grin. “Yes, we do. In spite of the odds. With her help, I’ve come a long way in learning how to deal with people. She’s part of why I’m here today. She believed in me when it seemed no one else did.” He jingled his keys. “Speaking of that, I’m going to go get Tommy from the groomer and then I’m going home to my wife.”

“Have a good night, sir,” Belle said, Gavin’s words buzzing in her head. She believed in Emmett even when some on the team didn’t trust him. She couldn’t blame Bradley or even Penny for having doubts. Emmett reminded them of the man who could have possibly killed their parents.

Whirling, she took Justice and headed to the reception desk. “Hi, Penny,” she said. “Can I ask you something regarding your parents’ case?”

Twenty-four-year-old Penny’s brown eyes took on the guarded wariness everyone around here was used to seeing.


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