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Water Requirements Every indoor grow room should have a thermometer and a hygrometer installed because accurate measurements are essential for maintaining a healthy plant environment. Ideally you will use a ...
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* * * Jasmine Culture Indian culture prizes jasmine for use in rituals, religious ceremonies, marriages, and more. Other countries use jasmine as a national symbol: In Pakistan, Jasminum officinale, ...
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FIGURE 187 Once inoculated, the logs are laid to rest on a pallet or stacked in shady areas. For drier locations, I recommend covering them with a shade cloth or ...
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aequinoctialus at the equinox aestivalis summer annuus annual autumnalis fall biennis biennial brumalis winter-flowering deciduus lasting only one season epiteius annual hesperis evening hybernalis winter hybernus winter hyemalis winter majalis ...
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Olives will flower and fruit prolifically when grown as bonsai. These are the ripe fruit, which develop during autumn. How to look after them REPOTTING: Repot every 3–4 years in ...
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Ray Lambert digs out an eight- to twelve-inch deep circle four feet in diameter, fills it with manure and compost, and puts a little soil on top. He plants six ...
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Turning the soil A combination of digging out the worst weeds and simply turning the rest of the plot over can be effective. By turning the soil you will expose ...
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For AMD and JLS, always and in all ways Contents * * * Preface Introduction Chronology VOLUME 1 Arts Introduction American Dictionary of the English Language (1828) The Atlantic Monthly ...
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U.S. hardiness zones. Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Cold Microbial activity occurs when dead material such as leaves, grass clippings, or old plant roots begin to break down ...
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CONSIDERING CALORIES Most experienced gardeners pack their growing space to full capacity: tomatoes, lettuce, peas, beets, carrots, green beans…But no matter how many of those favored veggies a garden holds, ...
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ROCKWOOL Introduced to the UK in the early 1970s, this material soon became the most popular substrate for tomato production, a position it still occupies to this day. Rockwool (or ...
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Chapter 5: Find Your Niche When you visit enough nurseries, you start to get a feel for the different types. Some put their niche right on their sign, such as ...
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