What It Really Takes to Get Into Ivy League and Other Highly Selective Colleges by Hughes Chuck

What It Really Takes to Get Into Ivy League and Other Highly Selective Colleges by Hughes Chuck

Author:Hughes, Chuck [Hughes, Chuck]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Published: 2003-03-18T16:00:00+00:00

Letters of Recommendation

As the pieces are put together, an interesting array of characteristics begin to surface from the applications, which develops into a complex pool of individuals who will add to the mix of the class. In addition to gaining a more complete picture of the person behind the application, readers are also on the lookout for traits that will raise concern over the possible adjustment of the applicant to the college. Is the student painfully shy or timid, aloof, or a grade grubber? What a reader can glean from the application is astounding, with the Letters of Recommendation, personal essays, and interviews the main vehicles for learning more about the qualities a candidate will bring to campus.

Although the number of reports and the specific requirements vary, most admissions offices require two teacher letters and a letter written by a high school guidance counselor. Teachers in academic subjects should write the Letters of Recommendation, and in some cases an admissions office might require an English teacher to write a letter. A candidate might be required to submit a Letter of Recommendation from a math or science teacher if he or she is applying to a School of Engineering or another math/science-related department.

From a student’s perspective, it’s important to ask teachers that know you well to write your letters rather than to ask teachers who have simply given you good grades to write on your behalf. The substance of these letters is always more important than who writes the letter! Faculty members who are also academic advisers, coaches, and club moderators will be able to write some of the strongest teacher letters because they’ve spent the most time with you during your years in high school.


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