Pledged by Alexandra Robbins

Pledged by Alexandra Robbins

Author:Alexandra Robbins
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Hyperion

Breaking the Rules



When’s it my turn to be the priority? Could ya throw me a frickin’ bone please?

• Sorority girls do not dress inappropriately.

Amy, Sabrina, Caitlin, and René were hanging out in Amy’s room as Beth helped Amy and Caitlin get ready for Formal. It was the first time this semester that René had ventured into the sorority house that had rejected her.

Professor Stone called Sabrina’s cell. As the other girls chatted, Sabrina kept a furtive eye on them to make sure they weren’t listening to her conversation.

“No, it’s okay,” she reassured him. “They know. They don’t care . . . No, they’re not even listening . . . I know, I just can’t wait until the semester’s over.”

After Sabrina hung up, Amy asked her what she planned to wear that night. Instead of going to Formal, Sabrina would join Beth and René for dinner at an upscale restaurant.

“I don’t know, just some nice pants, I guess.”

“You can borrow one of my dresses if you want, honey. René’s roommate, Traci, borrowed one last night for a fraternity formal,” said Amy, who was wearing a dress that plunged so low in back that her rear cleavage was easily visible. “And what about makeup?”

“No makeup, thanks,” Sabrina said. She never wore makeup. Sabrina went upstairs to a sitting room for a quick smoke.

Beth was flabbergasted. “She should have some makeup.”

When Sabrina returned, Amy asked her, “Does Professor Stone know you smoke?”

“No. He doesn’t know. Mike doesn’t even drink, so I’m not going to tell him about my little marijuana habit. But, hey—” Sabrina brightened. “I haven’t smoked in three weeks!”

Amy was delighted at her sister’s breakthrough. “Sweetie, that’s fabulous!”

Sabrina cocked her head, thinking. “Oh wait,” she muttered, “except yesterday I got some for free.”

Amy shook her head, paged through Vogue, and sipped from a “40”—a large bottle of malt liquor—she had been storing underneath her bed. She stopped at a picture of Brittany Murphy. “Oooh, she’s emaciated now.” The other girls peered at the picture, which Amy held up so they could see. “She used to have boobs. She looked fine in Clueless.”

“Traci’s boob popped out last night,” said René. The girls laughed.

“Bless her heart, she fell out of my dress?!” Amy giggled and leaned forward, almost falling out of her own dress as Beth yelled at her to keep her head back.

René fidgeted in the corner, as if working up the courage to speak. She took a deep breath. “Remember how we used to have breakfast in the mornings together to catch up?” she asked Amy and Caitlin, who were surrounded by makeup and hair appliances.

“I don’t think I’m going to be up for breakfast tomorrow,” said Amy, missing the point as René, looking down, blinked quickly. “Anyway, can’t I please put makeup on you, Sabrina, please?” Amy implored, her speech lisped as she let a handful of breath mints dissolve on her tongue.


“Because it’s fun!”

“But I’m just going to wash it off.”

“We all do that eventually. Please? Just eye makeup then?”

“No way.


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