Get into Any College by Tanabe Gen Tanabe Kelly

Get into Any College by Tanabe Gen Tanabe Kelly

Author:Tanabe, Gen, Tanabe, Kelly [Tanabe, Gen, Tanabe, Kelly]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: SuperCollege
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Comments on “Wimbledon Champ”

Most essays on sports showcase the mastery that the writer has achieved. Angela, however, writes about something she is not good at—in fact she sounds absolutely terrible at tennis. But being bad at tennis does not mean that she is a failure. In fact, the inner strength that she shows by persisting with the sport even though her lessons are a humbling experience demonstrates an incredible tenacity. This essay works because it is positive, expresses Angela's feelings honestly and without affected histrionics and amuses readers with a story they want to finish.


By: Mark A.

Would you like to buy one of my kidneys? How about a piece of my liver? I'd offer you my heart if I could. What? You don't want them? You are appalled that I would even consider selling a few of my organs? Would it make a difference if I told you that I need the money to put myself through school? No? Well, what is wrong with selling a few of my not so “vital” organs? They are, after all, mine.

Disgusting? Degrading? Well, who are you to tell me what I can do with my body? Unless maybe you are an advocate of some form of slavery where one human being is able to own another. That is what you are implying, right? That you (or your laws) can forbid me to dispose of my body (or at least a part of it) as I please is tantamount to claiming some right to it, is it not? If I truly am free and if I do “own” myself—and everything inside—then why can't I choose what to do with it?

Human decency? I've heard that argument before. You think that by affixing a price to myself and placing my body parts on the open market that I am devaluating all human beings. That's just not true!

How much is a human being? What kind of question is that? I don't know. You can't put a price on human life. But I'm not selling my life just some organs. I suppose that by offering to sell a piece of me I might be contributing to the commodification of the human body. But I still don't see how what I am doing is so harmful.

Ok. So maybe you're right in saying that if many people did what I am doing there would arise a market for human body parts. Yes, I suppose some sort of trading would occur with a fluctuating price determined by supply and demand. But that's capitalism.

Yes. Brokers in body parts would probably emerge. And you might not be wrong in predicting that newspaper business sections would start to print the price of lungs and kidneys along side the day's exchange rates and price of pork bellies. I suppose that would be somewhat degrading.

I guess my actions do contribute to making our bodies more objectified. Certainly if everyone were like I am there would be no such thing as organ donation—only organ sales. Ok. I've heard enough.


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