epub |eng | | Author:Richard Marsh

Chapter XIV - The Words of the Wise * There began to be in London that night a feeling of unrest. A sense of uncertainty came into men's minds, a ...
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epub |eng | 2012-03-23 | Author:Kristi Lamb

CHAPTER FOURTEEN Lieutenant Kennedy had no desire to return to the precinct immediately. He needed to think about Alexandra Parker and whether he had handled the interview correctly. He suggested ...
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epub |eng | 2017-01-01 | Author:Andrew Bourelle [Bourelle, Andrew]

The sky is cloud-covered from horizon to horizon, a hazy shade of light gray with wrinkles of purple and dark blue. The sun, lowering in the west, is a smudge ...
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epub |eng | 2017-09-15 | Author:Ana Paula Maia

BOOK 3. carbo animalis for dust you are / and to dust you will return. —Genesis 3:19 (NIV) CHAPTER 1 In the final accounting, what matters are teeth. They make ...
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pdf | | 0101-01-01 | Author:William T. Stead

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epub |eng | 2010-01-29 | Author:Isak Dinesen

13. The Defense IN the silence that followed, the people in the room and the girls listening by the door, all heard the measured, creaking tick of the old clock ...
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epub |eng | 2007-12-18 | Author:Elizabeth Inness-Brown

Five Lunch was strange without Tante. It was strange to be in the kitchen without her, knowing her room was empty, knowing she was nowhere in the house—nowhere at all, ...
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epub |eng | 2023-05-10 | Author:Ruby Bloom [Bloom, Ruby]

Ash wheeled into the parking lot, nodding to Steel, the security guard, as he did so. Nix wasn’t far behind. It had been a short shift today. Just getting everything ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Jan English Leary [Leary, Jan English]

One day, when Macky was three, Wanda had a job scheduled, but Sandy had a last-minute conflict, and Wanda wasn’t going to ask her mother, so she brought Macky with ...
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epub |eng | 2013-02-04 | Author:Juliet McCarthy

Chapter Seven “Mr. Vice!” The sharp address from the commander presiding from the head table over the test pilot school dining out brought the fledgling second lieutenant instantly to his ...
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epub |eng | 2023-01-22 | Author:Michael Frayn & 9780571249275 [Michael Frayn]

– 16 – I shift this extraordinary document across to the stack of papers I have read, then get up and walk about the room. I am rather shaken, I ...
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epub |eng | 2017-09-15 | Author:Martin Felipe Castagnet

7.3 I return home by taxi so that I don’t have to bother my grandson again; he’s treating a giraffe today, not in a zoo but at the home of ...
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pdf |en | | Author: Gioconda Belli; Kathleen March; Margaret Randall

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pdf |en | | Author: Miriam DeCosta-Willis (editor)

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epub |eng | 2014-09-04 | Author:Forrest Gander

Toward La Esmeralda For the next five hours, they let themselves steep in a cenote of silence. In the discomfort and brooding that follows confrontation, they sat next to each ...
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