A Witch's Sin by Daniel B. Greene

A Witch's Sin by Daniel B. Greene

Author:Daniel B. Greene [Greene, Daniel B.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Science Fiction
Publisher: Wraithmarked Creative, LLC
Published: 2023-07-04T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter 12: Witch’s Brew

“You sent me into the next life? I’m supposed to believe that was heaven?” Taya sat in the back room of Jordan’s shop, a small table between the two of them. The white mug of hot tea in her hands provided ample comfort. “I’ve paid for high-end escapes. I know they can… be like that.”

“Not heaven, no. Unless—look, I don’t mean to offend. You can call it what you want. Labels do tend to help.” Jordan’s lipstick left no residue on her mug as she put it down. “It’s really nice to meet you face-to-face after learning so much about you.”

“Did Oscar plug into my port from behind?” Taya wanted to ask if she had been drugged, but that was impossible. She’d taken many hallucinogens before, but nothing had felt like this. Every sensation had been as real as the cramped room around them now. The smells, the sounds, the textures, the pleasure. “I thought I heard him by the door, but…”

Jordan let Taya sit in silence, understanding she needed a minute to process.

An old-fashioned clock ticked noisily on the wall. Taya forced her mind to count the ticks, hoping it would settle her nerves. Her hands were shaking so hard she had to focus to not spill the tea within her own mug.

Taya eyed the witch for what must have been the thousandth time. The woman didn’t give much, using a perpetual soft grin as a mask. An angled narrow jaw was complemented by high cheekbones and wide, innocent-looking eyes. She wore plenty of beauty products but had utilized them with a delicate hand. The boldness of it all working in a way that only excessive amounts of talent could pull off. Not a damn blemish on her skin.

“Do you think I could get at your port now?” Jordan asked.

Reflexively, Taya brought her hand up to the slot behind her ear. “No, but—”

Jordan exploded into flame, fire bleeding from her eyes. The heat from the blaze lashed at Taya’s skin. Flesh began to char on the witch, peeling away as her hair exploded in a torrent of smoke. Before Taya could do more than start in her seat, the flames were gone, the heat evaporating from the air a split second later.

Jordan brought her mug to her lips once again. “Bit warmer now.”

The woman across from her didn’t have a hair out of place, and only a trace of smoke drifting from her suggested anything at all had happened.

“Projectors—” Taya started before Jordan reached for her hand. She jerked back, terrified by what the witch might do.

Jordan smiled a crooked grin. “If it’s projectors, why are you afraid? You already believe me, you just haven’t realized it yet. When vampires were discovered, it took society months to accept the truth. Report after tired report.”

Taya ignored her. “Oscar must’ve taken my—uh—notebook. You got Syd’s avatar and put it…”

Neither of them spoke as Taya’s mind struggled to find a reasonable explanation for all of this. The clock ticked away on the wall, and Jordan watched her.


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