A Healer's Gift by Tao Wong

A Healer's Gift by Tao Wong

Author:Tao Wong [Wong, Tao]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Fantasy, litRPG
Published: 2017-06-12T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter 18

Daniel sighs, stretching and rubbing his left shoulder absently. A crawler had managed to get around his shield and crushed his shoulder earlier today and though he had healed it with careful application of his gift and then a Minor Healing spell, it still felt sore. Nothing a good nights rest wouldn’t heal, but the pain still crept up on him occasionally.

The door of the Clinic opens again and the next patient enters and Daniel flashes the man a smile. Asin had requested a short delve today and so, without anything better to do with his time, Daniel has made his way to the Clinic to provide Khy’ra some additional help.

“Healer…” the old man shuffles over and sits down, his bare feet unkempt and swollen.

“No healer,” Daniel chides softly. He does not have the Healer class and thus will never have access to their specific class skills. He, certainly, is looking forward to reaching Level 10 as an Adventurer and discarding the need for physical baggage as he gained access to their mystical Inventory class skill.

Even as he thinks these idle thoughts, he is asking questions to ascertain the problem, though it is relatively clear to him. He does not call upon his Gift, seeing no reason to use it in such a simple case. Most of his work in the Clinic was like this in-truth, simple injuries and illnesses that only required non-magical treatment by a knowledgeable healer. Yet, as always, there were few enough people who cared to apply themselves to gather the knowledge and skill to become healers themselves.

“Soak your foot in crushed Wylie leaves. You should be able to get some at Lianne’s shop. Make sure she sells you the fresh ones though. Three times a day for a week. A week mind you! If you stop earlier, this will just come back and you’ll have to start again,” Daniel says and then makes the man repeat his instructions to him twice before he sends him on his way.

It only takes a minute before the next patient is darkening his doorway, Daniel once again absently rubbing at his shoulder. No time for that, there’s always the next patient.


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