Unplanned (A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel Book 1) by Alana Terry

Unplanned (A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel Book 1) by Alana Terry

Author:Alana Terry
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Published: 2015-05-13T04:00:00+00:00


“Do you know these men?” Kennedy had a hundred questions and probably less than a minute to ask them all.

“No.” Jodie sniffed again.

Kennedy didn’t realize she had been holding her breath until she let out the next torrent of queries. “Are you hurt? Did they make you do anything you didn’t want to do? Did they … did they force …” She couldn’t finish the sentence.

Jodie shook her head, and relief radiated out of Kennedy’s core all the way to her fingertips, warming her whole body.

The older man stomped up the stairs. “Don’t let them out of your sight,” he called down.

Dustin didn’t look over at Kennedy and Jodie. “I know.”

Kennedy watched the older one pass out of view. Was he going to get the steamer, then? Jodie’s breathing was a little quieter, and Kennedy hoped he wouldn’t change his mind. She held Jodie for several minutes, keeping her eye on Dustin, who stood at the bottom of the stairs scowling.

She ran her hands through the girl’s hair. “How are you feeling?”

“Thirsty.” Jodie was quieter now and hiccupping.

Kennedy caught Dustin’s eye. “I think she might be dehydrated.”

He stared at Jodie for a few silent seconds. “I have some water bottles upstairs,” he finally mumbled. “I’ll get one when Vinny gets back.”

Kennedy sucked in her breath. “What about the bathroom?” She tried not to wince when she remembered the taste of the sulfur water from the tap. “Could she get a drink there?”

“Whatever,” Dustin huffed.

“Do you think you can stand by yourself?” Kennedy asked. She needed a chance to talk to Jodie privately. She stood up and then paused. Would Dustin come over and stop her? After a moment of waiting to see if he would protest, she helped Jodie to her feet, and they shuffled together to the bathroom.

“Do you have any idea who these guys are?” Kennedy whispered once she shut the door. “Even a guess?”

“Uh-uh.” Jodie’s wide eyes blinked in the flickering light from the bulb.

“Are you having a little easier time breathing, at least?”

Jodie scrunched up her face. “I just …” Her shoulders heaved with another choppy breath. “I just want my dad.”

Kennedy didn’t want to think about Wayne Abernathy and what his role might be in this whole scenario. “I’m sure you do.” She should try to get more information. She should keep on asking Jodie questions until eventually the pieces fell into place. But she couldn’t. Not when the little indent of Jodie’s neck quivered each time she tried to inhale.

Kennedy rubbed Jodie’s back. “Can you try to drink a little water?”

“I want my dad.” Jodie took a noisy gasp in, and Kennedy paused to see if she would start hyperventilating again.

What could she say to keep her from panicking? There had to be some sort of encouragement, some sort of comfort she could offer. “You go to St. Margaret’s, right?”

Jodie nodded.

“Well, you know how Pastor Carl and your Sunday school teachers are always talking about giving your worries to God?”

“Yeah.” The response was appropriate, but Jodie didn’t sound at all convinced.


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