Her Hill Country Cowboy by Myra Johnson

Her Hill Country Cowboy by Myra Johnson

Author:Myra Johnson
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Love Inspired
Published: 2017-11-23T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Nine

It was six ten and no sign of Seth. Christina paced her narrow porch and wondered if they’d had a miscommunication. “Pick you up at six?” he’d said, pick you up being the operative words. Or was he waiting at his truck, expecting Christina to meet him there?

She frowned down at Gracie, all set to go in her blue vest and car harness. “What do you think, girl? Should we walk over or keep waiting?”

Relaxing on her haunches, tongue hanging out like she didn’t have a care in the world, Gracie didn’t budge.

“Okay, smarty-pants, since you seem to know more about what’s going on lately than I do, I guess we wait.”

Christina was about to plop down in the metal porch chair when she heard the rumble of tires coming up the lane. Moments later, Seth’s maroon pickup stopped in front of her cabin. He shut off the motor, then climbed out and opened the rear door. Without saying a word, he strode over to take Gracie’s leash and boosted the dog into the back seat.

Unsure what to make of Seth’s silent treatment, Christina edged around him to buckle Gracie in. “Where are the kids?” she asked, surprised they hadn’t come along.

“With my grandparents.” Barely looking at her, Seth walked her around to the passenger side and pulled open her door.

With one foot on the running board, Christina peered up at him. “I can tell something’s bothering you. If you’d rather not go, it’s okay.”

He exhaled loudly through his nostrils. “Just get in before I change my mind.”

A panicky feeling gripped her chest. “Seth—”

“We’ll talk, I promise.” With a hand at her elbow, he guided her into the seat, then firmly closed the door.

Gracie whimpered and stretched forward to lick Christina’s ear. She caressed the dog’s head. “Yeah, girl, I know. Something’s really wrong.”

Seth buckled in behind the wheel, then backed around and headed out toward the road. The grim set of his jaw made Christina’s fingers tighten around the edge of her seat. She wished he’d say something—anything.

After they’d driven a mile or so, she tried again. “Please, Seth, tell me what’s going on.”

His Adam’s apple made a painful-looking path up and down his throat. “I was going to save this until we got to the restaurant and could talk face-to-face, but obviously that plan isn’t working.” He shot her a steely glance. “Why didn’t you tell me you were a social worker?”

Icy-hot blades sliced through Christina’s abdomen. Her lower lip trembled as she forced out her reply. “Because your grandparents asked me not to. They told me what happened with your children and the custody battle.” She wanted desperately to reach across the space between them and somehow convince him she’d never have betrayed his trust that way. “What happened to you and the kids was cruel and unfair. I’d like to believe the social worker made an honest mistake, that she completely misjudged the situation, but the truth is I don’t know. My only


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