Royally Matched (Royally Series) by Emma Chase

Royally Matched (Royally Series) by Emma Chase

Author:Emma Chase [Chase, Emma]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Emma Chase LLC
Published: 2017-02-21T08:00:00+00:00

I WENT BACK TO MY room, lay in bed and tried to sleep through the annoying racket of the cameras—and failed. I’m scheduled to spend the morning filming with Penelope, which I take as a sign that perhaps God hasn’t completely written me off. Because Penelope is bubbly and outgoing and, unlike her sister, she likes me—she’s always liked me. Having her on my side may not get me into Sarah’s pants—though a man can dream—but it could help get me back into Sarah’s good graces.

Vanessa arranges us like Beach Barbie and Ken dolls. “Hold hands and walk slowly down the beach. Talk to each other and laugh like you’re having fun.”

I can’t believe I thought this shit-show would be a good time. Christ, I’m a moron.

Vanessa backs off and calls to the cameraman, “Hold the wide shot. Make sure you get that sunrise in the background.”

I take my chance with the younger Titebottum sister. “I wanted to talk to you about Sarah—”

“Are you miked?” She cuts me off, her smile frozen in place.

“Uh . . . no. Vanessa just wants the visual, no sound.”

“Good.” She stares off across the water. “Then there’ll be no one to witness me saying you’re a piece-of-shit bastard and I hope you die screaming.”

It’s conceivable Penelope doesn’t like me as much as I thought.

“Come again?”

“Prince or no prince, if I could, I would cut your balls off, ground them into a fine powder, mix them in water, and make you drink them.”

I swallow hard.

“That’s . . . creative.”

She’s still smiling serenely, making the entire exchange all the more bizarre. And unnerving.

“Have you all gone mad? Christ, it’s a bloody book!”

“Not to her. You see, Prince Prick,” she continues, “your family loves you. Whatever fucked-up intrigue or drama goes on in the palace, they truly love you. Not everyone has that. Our mother is off her rocker and our family wouldn’t give two shits if Sarah and I rolled off a cliff and disappeared forever. It’s always been that way. Except for dear Auntie Gertrude. She’s the only one who ever gave a damn about us. Before she died, she summoned Sarah and me to her estate to give us our inheritance, because she knew, despite her will, her arsehole children wouldn’t have.”

Penelope’s hand holds mine in a strangling death grip.

“Aunt Gertie gave me her jewels, because she said I was hard and sparkly. She gave Sarah her rare collection of books, because she said Sarah was a dreamer. She told her she could sell them for a pretty penny or keep them for herself—but either way, Sarah would have her dreams. They mean the world to my sister, and you tore one apart. Which makes you a big, fat, limp, useless dick.”

“I . . .”

Have no clue what to say.

The chance to reply passes when Vanessa moves in front of us, framing us with her fingers for the photographer beside her. “Get the still shots, Jerry. Gorgeous.”

Without missing a beat, Penny turns into my


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