Twisted Minds by Keta Kendric

Twisted Minds by Keta Kendric

Author:Keta Kendric [Kendric, Keta]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Jessica Watkins Presents
Published: 2017-12-06T07:00:00+00:00

Chapter 11

Aaron - Day 19

The next day went by in a blur. My job, which was twenty-five miles away from my house, had thankfully kept me away from Megan, but it didn’t stop me from wanting to fuck her. By nightfall, I’d become a crazed monster again, even crazier than I already was.

We sat at my table, eating quietly. She’d avoided me most of the evening, but while sitting in front of me with my eyes locked on her, she couldn’t avoid my predatory gaze any longer. I’d barely touched my food. I’d watch her stare up at me and try to pretend like our sexual chemistry wasn’t burning my damn house down to the ground.

I couldn’t for the life of me keep my fucking eyes off her. The only sounds in the room came from our silverware clinking and her phone spilling a musical mix into the atmosphere. She’d made meatloaf, which was good, but my desire for her overwhelmed my ability to enjoy the meal.

I tried. I promise, I fucking tried, but I couldn’t take the anticipation anymore.

I released a loud growl that frightened Megan to the point that she placed her hand over her heart and stared at me like I’d lost my damn mind. I stood over her, and like a fucking madman, brushed our unfinished meals out of the way.

My glare remained locked on her as she watched the table’s contents hit the floor, clinking and shattering. I reached into my back pocket and came out with a sleeve of condoms and slapped them on top of the table where her plate used to be.

Megan stared up at me. Those big flirty eyes of hers were wide and her body frozen. I didn’t know if she was frozen in fear or lust at this point. Hell, I didn’t give a flying fuck. She’d masterfully seduced me whether she’d meant to or not.

“I can’t fucking take it anymore, Megan. Can I fuck you or what?”

She stared at me, motionless and stunned. One of her hands cupped her open mouth. The other remained over her heaving chest. She glanced around at the mess I’d made of our dinner before her gaze landed back on mine.

At this point, I was so fucking hot and bothered, my left eye was twitching. It usually only got this way when I was extremely pissed, ready to kick someone’s ass, or right before I murdered someone.

In this case, it had started to twitch because I hadn’t fucked a woman in four damn months, and being around Megan had lit an inferno within me. I might have been an asshole biker, but even I had standards. I didn’t touch any of the women in my neck of the woods with a fucking ten-foot pole.

I’d heard the whispers about what they said about me behind my back. “Aaron acts like he’s too good for any of the women in Copper County. We ain’t good enough for him.”

Fucking right! I’d rather beat my shit off


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