Alpha Geek by Milly Taiden

Alpha Geek by Milly Taiden

Author:Milly Taiden [Taiden, Milly]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Latin Goddess Press Inc.
Published: 2016-09-26T18:30:00+00:00


Scarlett carried a plate of food to Knox’s room. She figured with all the crazy shifter stuff happening to his body, he was probably starving. The moment she walked in, he jumped up and marched toward her. He took the tray out of her hands and curled a hand around her neck, pulled her to him, and kissed her until she couldn’t remember her name.

The kiss was hot, hungry, and possessive. He growled as he took her lips, pressed his body into hers and squished her between the dresser and his hardness. At first, she’d been stunned, but her lioness reveled in the touch and she quickly pushed back, thrusting her tongue into his mouth and rubbing with his.

Her pussy slickened. She wanted so much more than they could have at that moment. Nick’s words came crashing back to her like a bucket of cold water.

She pulled away from the kiss, gasping for air and met his gaze. She saw the blue glow in his eyes now. The rumble in his chest made her belly quiver and her legs shake. Fucking hell, he was sex on a stick. If he’d been hot as fuck as a geeky human, as an alpha shifter, he was making her pussy catch fire, and he hadn’t even touched it yet.

“No, but I will.”

She blinked. “Will what?”

“Touch it. Soon. Very fucking soon, sweetheart.”

Holy crap. He’d read her mind. Shifters didn’t do that until they were mated. How was that possible? He only grinned and pressed another kiss on her lips before stepping back.

“Are you hungry?”

He turned and slid a hot glance down her body. “Starved.”

She would never survive the night if this kept up. “I meant for food.”

Zeke was writing furiously on a desk and table. She ignored him and took the tray to the bedside table. “Eat.”

“You and Nick shouldn’t worry,” Knox said. “I’m fine.”

She pressed her lips together. “I’m sure you are, but Nick is concerned for your health.”

He cut up the steak she’d made him and ate faster than anyone she knew. “I’d never hurt you. He should know that. You know that.”

“What?” She frowned. “Why would you say that?”

“Nick told you he worried I’d hurt you. I’d never touch you in any way other than to make you come.”

Ah, fuck. This man was going to need a muzzle. How was she going to keep her girl parts dry if he continued to remind her about making her wet?

“You heard us?”

He nodded, ate the last of his food and drank the water bottle. “Every word.”

She gasped. “But we were on the other side of the house. On the first level. Nobody, shifter or human, could hear that.”

He winked at her. “I’m no ordinary shifter, sweetheart.”

Something else to consider. “What will we do about your work?”

“I have an office here we can work from. I can access all my files and keep clients informed via email.”

She moved the tray back to the dresser. “Zeke?”

Zeke turned to her as if he’d just noticed her there.


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