Lure of Oblivion (Mercury Pack Book 3) by Suzanne Wright

Lure of Oblivion (Mercury Pack Book 3) by Suzanne Wright

Author:Suzanne Wright [Wright, Suzanne]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781542049726
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Published: 2017-11-20T16:00:00+00:00


As she slid out of the SUV, Gwen glanced around Mercury Pack territory. There were several vehicles, including a Winnebago, of all things, in the parking lot. Tall, majestic trees were everywhere, creaking with the breeze—all territorially marked by claws. But it was the impressive building in front of her that held her attention.

As Zander rounded the hood of the SUV, his wolf stretched within him, happy to be back on his territory, and inhaled the comforting wild scents of nature and home. “This is Nick and Shaya’s lodge. They’re my Alphas.”

Gwen gave him an incredulous look. “This isn’t a lodge.” It was huge. Okay, it had that rustic feel going on, but only the second and third levels had timber frames. The first level was made with large stone, and those glass dove windows were not typical of a lodge at all.

“Well, we call it the main lodge.”

“I wouldn’t have expected the fairy lights.” They hung on the trees around what was more of a mansion. They would look awesome in the evening. Right now, they weren’t needed while the glaring sun beat down on them. The hot breeze gave no reprieve from the heat.

“Yeah, most people don’t,” said Bracken as they walked onto the wooden porch.

Gwen probably should have been nervous. She was a human on shifter territory, after all. But she was actually kind of excited. Coming here was a little like stepping into the shoes of a shifter for just a few hours. There were so many times as a kid that she’d found herself wishing she was part of her neighboring wolf pack, and now maybe she’d have a little idea of what that would have been like.

The front door opened before they reached it. A redhead with elfin features stood there, smiling. “Boys, I have to say I kind of missed you.”

“Just kind of?” asked Bracken.

“Shaya, this is Gwen,” said Zander. “Gwen, this is my Alpha female.”

Shaya gave her a welcoming smile designed to put her at ease. “I heard all about you from Makenna and Ally—it was all good stuff. Come in.”

“Thanks.” As they walked into a large rustic and very contemporary kitchen that led into a roomy dining area, Gwen glanced at Zander over her shoulder. “Yeah, Zander, this is so not a lodge.”

Shaya laughed. “Pretty spacious, isn’t it?” She gestured for Gwen to follow her into the dining room, which Gwen quickly realized was attached to an expansive living area. She loved how the three rooms were one huge, open space.

Several people rose from the luxurious sofas and plush armchairs. One male was already standing, leaning against the wall near the stone fireplace. One muted the TV—the entertainment system was state-of-the-art shit, Gwen noted—and Zander came to her side while Bracken stood close behind her. They didn’t move from her as they exchanged greetings with their pack mates.

Zander knew his body language was protective as he shifted slightly in front of Gwen, taking up her space, but it was automatic—some unwelcoming faces stared back at her, and that rankled in a big way.


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