Baehrly Alive by Elizabeth A Reeves

Baehrly Alive by Elizabeth A Reeves

Author:Elizabeth A Reeves [Reeves, Elizabeth A]
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Romance, Fantasy, witches and wizards, urban fantasy
Amazon: B00F5N0F0C
Publisher: Elizabeth A Reeves
Published: 2013-12-04T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Ten

I couldn’t remember what it felt like to exist in a world where every breath, every thought, every sunrise didn’t hurt.

I gave the mystical, ancient bone-knife to the healers and watched as they followed the ritual I had given them—I wouldn’t let my broken soul kill anyone else. They tested it on Gwyn—Thomas was too weak to survive the cleansing cut that the ritual required.

The blood looked dark against Gwyn’s pale skin. She had always been fair, but now she was practically transparent. The line of blood dripping down her arm into the basin the healer held stained a path across her skin.

Every time I closed my eyes, I saw blood. More and more blood, and skin growing paler by the moment.

Cold, stiff lips that had been so warm.

Hands, lips, and eyes left without a soul to guide them.

Meaningless without him there.

I had to look away. I left the room, letting the healers do their job.

It failed, anyway.

Deep down, I must have known all along.

What a waste.

Donovan had given his life for nothing.

I couldn’t let despair take over—I wouldn’t let Death win. He might have stolen the man I loved out from under my nose—but he would not take Thomas and Gwyn—I would defeat him and he would suffer as he had forced me to suffer.

It was easier to be angry instead of sad.

I didn’t want to hear the condolences, the offerings of pity and attempts at comfort.

Donovan hadn’t died in a camping accident.

My Magic had killed him. It had refused to heal him.

Death had stolen him.

I would never forgive him for leaving me.

I didn’t even get to tell anyone that we had been married—that we had bound ourselves together in a holy place. It hurt too much to say the words.

I held our time together in secret in my heart.

And I cursed Death.

I dove back into my research—not just reading about the mysterious plague that was killing my family, but also anything I could find about Death—about defeating him.

About destroying him.

He had taken my father. Now, he had taken my husband.

I would have my revenge.

Some might think that Donovan tripping and landing on his own knife was a tragic accident.

But I didn’t believe in accidents. I didn’t believe in coincidence.

And Death had been hovering around, waiting for his chance to take my love away.

Well, Death had made the wrong enemy.

He would rue the day he had crossed me.

“I’m sorry about Donovan,” Kodi said quietly, leaning against the doorway into my library.

I stared at him blankly. Was he really? I wondered. Their friendship, if it could be called that, had been tenuous at best. Did he really mourn, or was he secretly relieved that his rival was gone.

“Go away,” I said. “I don’t have time for you right now. I need to save my brother.”

“Goldie, I’m on your side, you know that, don’t you?” Kodi walked around the desk to stand behind me.

I shifted away from him. “What part of busy do you not understand? The water and the knife didn’t work and I’m trying to figure out why.


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