Accepting His Name by Tressie Lockwood

Accepting His Name by Tressie Lockwood

Author:Tressie Lockwood [Lockwood, Tressie]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2016-08-15T21:00:00+00:00

Chapter 7

“Crap!” Shakarri sprang out of bed and promptly fell onto the floor. Her stomach roiled like a stormy sea, and she rolled to her feet dragging the covers into the bathroom. What was left of her sparse dinner went into the toilet bowl. She couldn’t be pregnant already, could she? “Please, no.”

She’d have to make a doctor’s appointment to see. After she cleaned up, she walked into the bedroom. The covers were tangled in her arms, and when she fell, she had taken the pillows with her. There was no way to figure out if Ezio had laid beside her. She had slept like a rock all night, and very often he rose before she awakened.

Ticked off, she forgot about getting dressed or combing her hair and left the room. She reached the bottom of the stairs when the horrible laugh reached her from the dining room. Shakarri stomped down the hall and stopped in the doorway. The entire family was there at the table, including Madison looking like she woke in perfect condition every morning. In fact, she wasn’t even wearing the same dress she’d had on the night before. Today, she wore bright red leggings with a yellow top that scarcely covered her midriff. Her auburn hair hung in soft waves about her beautiful face.

All eyes swiveled toward Shakarri, and Ezio’s gaze skittered down her form, bringing into sharp focus that she had forgotten to change out of her nightie and do her hair. She must look like a freak.

“Shakarri,” Catarina sing-songed and threw her arms in the air.

“Call her Auntie Sha,” Cason joked. “She likes that.”

Ezio pushed his chair back and slowly rose. Shakarri swung around to march back upstairs. She heard his step not far behind her and locked the bedroom door. The doorknob wiggled once.

“Shakarri, unlock the door,” he said in a low tone.

She searched her closet for something to wear. Would her doctor see her on short notice? She hoped so.

Something cracked, and the bedroom door hit the wall. He’d only asked her to unlock it once. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end, and butterflies stirred in her stomach. Ezio appeared in the opening to the closet. She expected the entire household to come running at the noise, but no one else showed up.

She darted a glance toward him and focused on the clothes. Now was a bad time to realize she hadn’t evaluated him enough to know if he was abusive. As meaty as Ezio was, he could do damage if he decided to hit her.

Her husband stepped across the threshold, and she rounded on him. “Do you mind? I’m trying to get dressed here.”

“Never,” he said in a low, threatening tone, “lock my bedroom door against me.”

She made a sound of disgust. “Your door? I have a right to my privacy.”

He moved closer, and she couldn’t help stumbling backward a little. She mentally kicked herself for her cowardice. Ezio took another step to close the gap between them.


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