The Science and Art of Interviewing by Kathleen Gerson;Sarah Damaske;

The Science and Art of Interviewing by Kathleen Gerson;Sarah Damaske;

Author:Kathleen Gerson;Sarah Damaske;
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: OUP Premium
Published: 2020-09-15T00:00:00+00:00

Dressing for Success

Since appearance creates a first and lasting impression, clothing matters. It is best to aim for an image of professionalism and respect for the occasion, while also conveying accessibility rather than intimidation. Dressing in a professional manner means conveying neutrality rather than eccentricity by avoiding clothes that are too trendy, overstated, or ostentatious in favor of simple, understated styles. There is plenty of room within those limits to choose what feels comfortable and tailored to the specific setting. If the interview takes place at someone’s home or a local diner, you can expect the interviewee to dress informally and to feel more comfortable if you do so as well. If the site is an office, it is wise to dress more formally unless the work setting is informal. Regardless of the locale, appearance, like demeanor, should signal that you take the occasion seriously but also wish to create a relaxed atmosphere that lends itself to an enjoyable experience.46


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