The Maria Korp Case by Carly Crawford

The Maria Korp Case by Carly Crawford

Author:Carly Crawford [CARLY CRAWFORD]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780730449942
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

There was another question that nagged at Detective Cookson. Korp’s sister Val had revealed her recollection of a damning conversation she claimed to have had with Herman—the conversation in which Herman supposedly told Val that she wanted Maria Korp dead.

Cookson opened the subject in general terms: ‘Have you ever discussed with anyone at any time, killing Maria?’

Herman hesitated. ‘No.’

‘I notice you have to think about that.’

‘Well, I’m thinking about every question, but no.’

Rae asked, ‘What about hurting her?’

‘Hurting her? No.’

‘You’ve never mentioned that to anyone?’

‘Not, not to my knowledge. Sorry, I did, yes.’ Val, Herman explained, had suggested the whole thing and Herman had just laughed it off.

‘When Val came over to my house one day, she said about knocking her off or doing her in or whatever. I can’t remember the words she used…She said to me—and don’t take this as gospel, ’cause I can’t remember the words—but it was something like if I wanted a future with Joe, I’d be better off to knock her off or do her in or something like that, and I just laughed because that’s ridiculous.’

‘Was she serious when she said it, though?’

‘I think she was. I think she was serious. She didn’t like Maria at all. Not many of the family members do.’

‘Was she expecting a reply from you? Some sort of response?’

‘I think she was expecting one.’


‘I think she was expecting me to agree with her.’

‘And did you?’


‘You just laughed it off?’

‘Yeah, I laughed it off. I think I said something like “Yeah, right” or “whatever”.’

By 11.45 p.m., the interview was over and Herman was free to go. It was fifteen minutes before Valentine’s Day.


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