The Centurions (Calgacus Book 2) by Anthony Gordon

The Centurions (Calgacus Book 2) by Anthony Gordon

Author:Anthony, Gordon [Anthony, Gordon]
Language: eng
Format: epub
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Runt and Elaris had survived the storm relatively unscathed. Their tent, though old and worn, had remained intact and their trade goods were well wrapped in cloth and furs. The horses and mules had, of course, been terrified, but Runt had tethered them securely so that they had not been able to break free. He and Elaris had stayed outside with them during the storm, trying to keep the animals calm. They had been soaked to the skin for their trouble but, fortunately, being drenched was the worst that had happened to them.

As day broke, they had managed to get a fire going and Elaris had draped their wet clothes over makeshift stands to dry . Runt was grooming the horses when Annwyl wandered over from the fort to see them.

“I’m supposed to be looking for replacement tent poles,” he grinned . “I don’t suppose you have any?”

“No, but I’ve got a cow hide if you need some patche s for the tents,” Runt told him, adding with a smile, “Three sesterces and its yours.”

“I’ll tell the Centurion it cost five,” grinned Annwyl.

“You’re learning,” laughed Runt.

Annwyl smiled and said, “He probably won’t believe me.” He looked around to make sure there was nobody else within earshot before continuing, “We are staying here for another day. There’s a lot of damage. People are saying that Taranis is angry that so many Britons have joined the Roman army.”

Runt advised, “You’d best not let your Centurion hear you repeating that.”

“Don’t worry,” said Annwyl cheerfully.

“So, things are pretty bad in there?” Runt asked.

“Yes. The Governor is dead.”

Runt was genuinely surprised at that news.

“Dead ? What happened to him?”

“They say he fell and hit his head on a stone . It smashed his skull.” He glanced around again, then added in a low whisper, “Calgacus says to tell you that the Governor’s death was unexpected, just like Scapula’s.” He looked puzzled. “He wouldn’t say any more, but I know he meant something else. He was very pleased about something. Do you know what he means?”

“Oh, by Toutatis,” Runt breathed, closing his eyes.

“What is it?” asked Elaris.

Runt shook his head . “Officially, the Romans say that Ostorius Scapula died suddenly and unexpectedly from heart failure.”

“I remember that,” Elaris confirmed . “Everyone was surprised by the news.”

Runt lowered his voice to barely more than a whisper. “Well, the truth is that Calgacus killed him.”

Annwyl still looked puzzled, but Elaris instantly grasped Runt’s meaning.

“You mean Calgacus has killed Governor Nepos as well?”

“ Keep your voice down!” Runt warned. “I told you he was crazy.” He gave Annwyl a sharp look. “Do you have any idea how he did it?”

Annwyl shook his head. “He was out on sentry duty during the storm. ” He looked at Runt with wide eyes. “Do you really think he killed the Governor?”

“Yes, but you’d best forget I said that, or you’ll let something slip.”

“Don’t worry,” Annwyl assured him. “I’m getting used to keeping my mouth shut. It’s safer that way.”

“Good . Now, what does Calgacus plan to do next? Kill them all one by one?”

Annwyl shook his head .


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