The Archer by Abigail Roux

The Archer by Abigail Roux

Author:Abigail Roux [Roux, Abigail]
Language: nld
Format: epub
Tags: erotic MM, Romance MM
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

280 The


Abigail Roux

“Maybe we can recruit Trigger to the Crazy Club too,” Brandt rumbled as he

spoke against Remy’s curls.

Remy snorted and offered Brandt a little jab to the ribs before he sighed

contentedly and drifted into a light sleep.


THIAGO’S head jerked up and he lunged half out of his chair before he realized he’d been dozing. Had he heard a scream? He looked at the others to see their reactions, but they were all looking at him with expressions ranging from concern to


Shawn glanced at him before standing up and taking a step toward the


“He’s fine,” Carl said without taking his amused eyes off Thiago.


“He’s fine,” Carl repeated sternly as he turned hard eyes on Shawn. Thiago

watched in fascination as Shawn’s shoulders slumped and he trudged back to the

couch. When had Carl taken charge of their merry little band? Probably when Shawn had lost his mind. That was an interesting turn of events, nevertheless.

Thiago hoped Carl would remain in charge if Shawn didn’t take back the

lead. The thought of Remy leading them made Thiago shiver involuntarily. The

younger man was certainly a capable leader and tactician, but he just wasn’t all there.

Thiago was beginning to be of the opinion that Brandt wasn’t really the resident crazy after all. Remy was the crazy. The dangerous kind of crazy you didn’t know was

crazy until he got you killed. The bad kind of crazy.

“Shawn,” Nikolaus said softly. “What’s your plan?”

Thiago wondered if the German was trying to keep Shawn’s mind off what

Brandt might be doing to Remy, or if he was just antsy and needed something to do.

Thiago thought it might be both.

“I’m not wearing a dress,” Shawn growled dangerously, and unlike Brandt

and Remy, Thiago and Carl were not crazy enough to poke the bear.

Nikolaus, however, seemed to be low on the self-preservation fuel. “Then

come up with something better,” he said testily.

“Well, the only plan I have requires weaponry. Lots of it,” Shawn said

somberly. “And that leads us right back to this Oliver woman.”

“What’s your plan?”

“We need to wait for them,” Shawn said firmly, and the command in the

voice was all too clear. Perhaps Carl’s brief stint of leadership was over. Thiago The Archer 281

Abigail Roux


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