A.J.'s Angel by L A Witt

A.J.'s Angel by L A Witt

Author:L A Witt [Witt, L.A.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Gay-Lesbian Romance, Red Hots!
Published: 2012-05-08T07:04:33+00:00

A.J.’s Angel

He eyed me over his shoulder, and I smirked. He rolled his eyes. “Smartass.” With a grunt, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed and stood. “I’m going to go grab a shower.” He grinned, and it was that look again. The unspoken invitation.

I smiled. “Give me a few minutes. I don’t even know if my legs will hold me up.”

“Now who’s getting too old for this?”

“Very funny.” I rolled my eyes. “My legs are still shaking from fucking you, thank you very much.

I’m hardly sore and crippled like you.”

He chuckled and leaned down to kiss me. “Still plenty of time for me to leave you sore and crippled.”

“At least let me catch my breath.”

“Never.” He kissed me one more time and stood. “Anyway. I need a shower.”

“Careful with the ink.” I gestured at his tattoo. “Just rinse it, don’t scrub it or anything.”

“I know, you mentioned that the last few times we were in the shower.” I laughed. “Just making sure you don’t forget.”

“I won’t, Mom,” he said.

After he’d gone into the bathroom, I stared up at the ceiling. It had been way too long since I’d had this kind of sex. All night long, it was breathless and relentless. Without any emotional strings to get tangled, we’d fucked until we were bruised and exhausted. Then we did it one last time for good measure before we grabbed yet another shower and fell asleep.

And this morning. My God. I closed my eyes and couldn’t help smiling. Gentle and lazy, just like—

My eyes flew open. Ice slithered through my veins.

Sensual. Tender. Playful.

It had been just like old times.

Just like when we used to make love.

I groaned and rubbed my eyes with the heels of my hands. I knew this would happen. I fucking knew it because it always did. What the fuck was I thinking?

I never should have gone to Wilde’s last night. I’d have been better off smoking a pack or two of Marlboros and calling it a day. Or spending the night with Kieran. It wasn’t possible for me to spend a night with Luke without getting emotionally involved, and I knew it. If we hadn’t already crept into that territory, we were perilously close. It was just sex so far, with just a little more intimacy than a couple of strangers might have had in a one night stand, but I knew us. We’d lit the cigarette, even if we hadn’t yet taken a drag. I knew where this could go if we let it go even a step further.

The truth I’d known all along throbbed inside my head like a smug, cosmic I told you so: This was a mistake.


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