Sweating Lies by Emma Jaye

Sweating Lies by Emma Jaye

Author:Emma Jaye [Jaye, Emma]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Purindoors Publications
Published: 2019-04-27T23:00:00+00:00

Chapter Ten

Jiao swallowed against the bile rising in his throat at the stink of burning flesh. The gut-churning sound of more than one person losing their last meal filled the air. Vladimir released his captive and stepped back, his face a blank mask. Kaspar hung, unconscious, head lolling back, in the center of the cell block. A last wisp of smoke rose from his charred flesh.

“Chorbaji, I must protest, this, this is unacceptable, he’s–” Marcus ground out from the entrance to the compartment.

“It’s done, janissary, it can’t be undone,” Vladimir said as he walked toward Marcus. The man was either overly confident or stupid as he held his ground as the blond man approached. Vladimir reached a hand out to the guard’s shoulder, gently turning him back toward the entrance.

“Would you like the honor of applying the souls, or should Ray do it?”

With a scowl, Marcus took the plain iron casket and stood in front of Kaspar. From his position, Jiao could see him open the box, scoop out a small amount of ash and smear it on the wound on Kaspar’s left pec. He repeated the process with the gold casket and Kaspar’s other wound.

Jiao had a good idea what the ashes were after the ‘souls’ comment, but he really didn’t want it confirmed that he wore the ash of dead men on his chest.

“We need to talk,” Vladimir addressed Marcus as he resealed the gold box.

The green-uniformed janissary looked Vladimir right in the eye. “Yes, I believe we do.”

The whole group moved toward the compartment door as if they intended to leave Kaspar hanging there.

“Hey, have you lot forgotten something?” Jiao called out.

Vladimir glanced back at Kaspar, then turned to Ray. “Get the doctor down here, then put him in the security office so someone’s awake to keep an eye on him.”

“I’ll watch him,” the words were out of Jiao’s mouth before his brain had engaged.

All the clothed men turned to him. Ray stomped over to Jiao’s cells, pulled the cattle prod from his belt and wacked the bars. Jiao had already stepped back out of reach, keeping his expression neutral.

“You want a go while he’s fucking unconscious?”

“I’d make sure he doesn’t choke on his own vomit, nothing more. Unlike most of you, I happen to like my partners awake and willing.”

“Kaspar’s already proved he’s willing where Sweatt is concerned,” Vladimir said, his lip curling as if someone had farted next to him. His eyes twitched to the cell opposite Jiao.

“Move that kid and put Kaspar in there. Sweatt can watch him from his cell.”

“No, no, that won’t work. What happens if he needs help?”

“You shout and wave. The cameras are always monitored, and there are patrols; he’s safe. I wouldn’t risk him; I wouldn’t risk any of you without significant cause,” Vladimir said. “I know what your twisted modern society brainwashes you to think but believe me when I say that all of you are better off here than back in that world.”

“Kaspar’s not the only one out of touch with reality,” Jiao replied.


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