Stop Making Sense by Michael J. Fanuele

Stop Making Sense by Michael J. Fanuele

Author:Michael J. Fanuele
Language: eng
Format: epub
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Publisher: Post Hill Press
Published: 2019-05-06T16:00:00+00:00

10. Finally, there are Delusional Ambitions, ones that, by almost all rules of reality, are impossible to achieve. Be the next Steve Jobs. Be the next Meryl Streep. Run a marathon in less than two hours. Travel to Mars. Be President. Win the US Open. Cure cancer, all of it. Live to see your great-grandkids graduate from college.

For businesses, these Delusional Ambitions are often expressed in their brand visions: inspire the athlete in every single body; bring peace to an angry world; empower a generation to cure cancer or end poverty or clean the oceans; stamp out bigotry; make everybody their very best self; feed the world. But these brand goals can also be hard-core and commercial: be the world’s first two trillion-dollar company; quintuple sales; bankrupt all of the competition; be a startup that becomes a Fortune 5 company in a decade.

The Delusional Ambitions often feel so nice and lofty but are, generally, quickly dismissed as naïve wishful thinking. They’re more likely to be dismissed than debated.

So where do you think your goal falls on The Ambition Spectrum? Is it nudging its way into being a Big Ambition? Is it stuck in the humdrum land of Everyday Ambitions? Or have you already rocket-shipped to Delusion-land?

Keep in mind that, no matter where your goal lies on this spectrum, it’s probably a very good goal. Everyday Ambitions and Big Ambitions, even though they tilt toward the humdrum, are critical and worthy. They can organize behavior and even motivate others by providing clear destinations.


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