Skint Estate by Cash Carraway

Skint Estate by Cash Carraway

Author:Cash Carraway
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781473565685
Publisher: Ebury Publishing


On Twitter: The reason I joined the Labour Party? It was all because of the Tory councillor. He must have been bloated from all the M&S Meal Deals he consumed that day and a little bit angry that the woman he was having an affair with was even more troublesome than his wife. It triggered him into writing bigoted sentences on Twitter. Typical spiel about single mothers and champagne lifestyles. It triggered me – I’m a single mum and I don’t live a champagne lifestyle, I replied. He said SHUT IT. Get a job. I – do – have – a – job. Stop complaining then – he at-ed at me. We live in a society of scroungers. You’re either one of them or you’re against them, he said. I typed back to him – You’re paid to represent me not judge me. And you’re trying to shut down our local library. My daughter loves that library. He got personal – YOU ARE A STAIN ON SOCIETY he tweeted with two people’s worth of gratin potato side dish in his gob – I imagine. And I was enraged. First David Cameron on the refuge telly and now this greedy prick on my Twitter. I didn’t really understand where I fell on the political spectrum but I knew enough about myself to know I’m not cold and nasty like men like him. So I Googled – Labour Party. I don’t know why. But. I did. And joined right there and then. It was 2013.


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