Political Party Funding and Private Donations in Italy by Chiara Fiorelli

Political Party Funding and Private Donations in Italy by Chiara Fiorelli

Author:Chiara Fiorelli
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9783030738693
Publisher: Springer International Publishing

As shown in Table 4.3, both the number of donations received and the amount collected by different party families follow the same trend: the centre of the political spectrum seems to have attracted most of the private money in 1987 and 2013. The 1994 elections favoured right-wing parties (Forza Italia [FI], MSI, and LN).

This trend can be explained by the wind of change after the early 1990s corruption scandal and the subsequent redefinition of the party system with a new, more majoritarian, electoral law. DC, which had been dominant since democratic consolidation, was completely defeated and divided into a number of small parties. Many DC members, according to their political preferences, moved towards the new centre-right political formation, such as FI. FI and LN, seen as the likely winners, were new entries in 1994, and they attracted most of the external contributions. An interesting trend can be seen in the left-wing party family, which seems to be disadvantaged. In fact, parties from the left side of the political spectrum seem to have suffered a dearth of wealthy donors during the last 30 years.

As noted in Chap. 3, Italy does not apply specific bans to donations from corporate bodies. Bans apply only to companies in which state shareholdings exceed 20%. The distribution of political parties’ reported external contributions between individuals and corporate donors is shown in Table 4.4.Table 4.4Distribution of Number of Private Donation and Type of Donors in Different Electoral Years (% of donations)


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