Jam by Jam (epub)

Jam by Jam (epub)

Author:Jam (epub)
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2012-09-05T04:00:00+00:00

DAY 5.3

“Well, I have to say, it’s lucky they didn’t change their minds about letting us in,” I said conversationally, once we were back in the Everlong and pushing our way through the Hibatsu square with some borrowed metal poles. “After you threw that fit, I mean.”

“Drinks coaster,” muttered Don. He was standing with one hand at the mast staring fixedly at the retreating Hibatsu building.

“Probably for the best that we get away from the place for a bit,” I said wistfully. “Kathy might need some time to get over those papers you ate.”

“Drinks coaster,” he repeated, like a mantra.

“At least they said they’d give it back if we did what they asked.”

“If that hard drive is so much as scratched, I am going to stick it straight up Gary’s arse. You think I’m saying that idly. I’m not. I’m going to make a project out of it. I’m going to use forceps and lubricant. What are you looking so satisfied about?!”

“Nothing, nothing. It’s just . . . nice to have you back, Don.”

He gave me a slightly confused scowl, then turned to gaze at the Briar Center, whose authoritative domed roof was becoming visible over the smaller shops. “Don’t know what you’ve got to be pleased about,” he said. “Isn’t the mall exactly where you don’t want to be right now?”


“Remember? You fed their queen’s beloved pet to your hairy girlfriend?”

I gazed at Mary, who gave a sort of embarrassed shrug with her legs, and felt my stomach twist sickeningly. In the Hibatsu building the memories of paper-cutter blade being held against my soft, yielding throat had loomed largest in my thoughts, and our activities in the lair of the plastic people had been sprinting down my mental priority list in leaps and bounds. I’d allowed myself to write off that particular chapter of my life, but now that the shopping mall was visible again it hovered like a huge floating asterisk portending some dreadful footnote.

“Well, they’ll have forgotten about that by now, right?” I said, partly to convince myself.

“Oh, sure,” said Don, bored, standing with arms folded. “One day is about an average statute of limitations for that sort of thing.”

“Besides, Lord Awesomo only suspects me, I’m sure. He doesn’t know anything. And he wouldn’t tell Princess Ravenhair unless he’d gain something from it, right?” I saw Don roll his eyes discouragingly. “Well, he wouldn’t, would he?”

“No one acts rationally in the friend zone. Creates this weird mix of total moony-eyed devotion and hate-filled bitterness. My mate Dub got friend zoned by one of our lead artists, once. I had to hook him up with my fat slut cousin ’cos I found murder-suicide plans in his desk.”

“Anyway, she’d probably forgive me if I explained,” I said, refusing to acknowledge him. “She likes me. I think. I’m not sure how much, but . . .”

“Oh, christ. Not you as well. What is it with this bitch? She’s got a friend zone like a post office queue.”

“She’s not a bitch .


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