Human Resources Strategies by Armin Trost

Human Resources Strategies by Armin Trost

Author:Armin Trost
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9783030305925
Publisher: Springer International Publishing

The company in the second example would completely reorient the scope of its desired knowledge management:We regard knowledge management as a comprehensive initiative, which is more or less relevant for all employees of the company. (1-2)

Whether a company decides on one or the other variant obviously has to do with the relevance of the topic for possible target functions . The comprehensive option is certainly more complex than the focused one.

Humans Versus Database

When the topic of knowledge management presumably received more and more attention in the 1990s, the trend was to solve the challenges of knowledge management primarily in technical terms (cf. Milton and Lambe 2016). The idea itself was very simple and based on a centuries-old practice from science. People who have special knowledge document this in a knowledge database . Knowledge thus becomes directly accessible to other people. This decouples the (transient) knowledgeable from his or her knowledge, in which knowledge is transferred to an enduring medium. The latter can not only be reproduced but also made accessible to a broad target group via appropriate systems. The knowledge seeker can now search for relevant knowledge in the knowledge database and by reading the knowledge content this knowledge is transferred to the knowledge seeker (see Fig. 7.9).

Fig. 7.9The collect approach of knowledge management


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