Highlander Protected by Rebecca Preston

Highlander Protected by Rebecca Preston

Author:Rebecca Preston
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Time travel
Published: 2018-10-06T16:00:00+00:00


On the ride back to the keep, Marianne caught herself thinking of it as ‘home’ and smiled broadly to herself in the dark. It felt a lot shorter than the ride down to the tavern. She’d finished her ale after Eamon had left, but hadn’t wanted to stay too much later – the days of irregular sleep and the terrible dream that morning had left her fairly exhausted. It felt good to have a plan, for things to be in motion – she could be patient while Eamon did the research they needed for their quest. She was glad to have him on her side. She was a smart woman, good with people and tough, but this was a whole other world than the one she was used to.

Eamon clearly knew things – things and people, for that matter – and it would definitely help her to have someone as streetwise as he was by her side. She wondered if he’d recommend hiring a group of mercenaries anyway, to give them a little bit of extra firepower – surely Eamon would know people they could trust – but she felt strangely reluctant about the idea of adding more people to their party.

More people means more chances of betrayal, she told herself the explanation had to be, but it was difficult to hide from the truth that she wanted to be alone with him. Don’t be ridiculous, Marianne. This is a business arrangement, pure and simple. Besides, he’s clearly besotted with Elena – do you want the memory of a dead girl hanging over your head, even if he is interested in you as well?

The castle was a lot darker than it had been when she rode in through the gate, giving a nod to the guard who checked carefully who she was before allowing her into the courtyard. Sweetpea moseyed around to the stables almost without any input from Marianne at all – she wondered if the horse would even put herself away. Working mostly by guessing, she took the saddle and the bridle off the horse, gave her a few strokes with a brush she found in the stables, then opened the gate to the stall she’d watched a groom get the horse out of. Sweetpea ambled in as if she’d never left and happily buried her nose in a half-full bucket of water. Marianne felt remarkably pleased with herself. Maybe this rural lifestyle wouldn’t be too hard to get used to after all – but she quietly added ‘horse and tack care’ to the list of things she’d need to get on top of before they left on their journey. Dolores was waiting up for her, a pot of tea at the ready on the table and a fire crackling in the gate. She removed her borrowed cloak as she stepped into the room, smiling a greeting and was delighted to notice that Dolores had saved her some pastries from dessert. Taking a seat in what was


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