Highlander Fallen by Rebecca Preston

Highlander Fallen by Rebecca Preston

Author:Rebecca Preston
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Time travel
Published: 2019-06-22T16:00:00+00:00


Karin's mind was racing. An illness serious enough to shut down so many businesses in town, so quickly? In medieval Scotland, no less? Obviously where she was from – when she was from – it would be cause for massive concern. There would be teams on the ground already, people studying the patterns, data being gathered from local clinics... but she had none of those resources at her disposal whatsoever. All she had was a bunch of closed shopfronts, and an English man scrutinizing her with increasing suspicion. What was that accent? It wasn't the upper-class Hugh Grant voice she'd always associated principally with England – it was a different one. God, they had a lot of accents over here. She supposed America was no better.

“Who are you?” the man said again now, and there was something in his tone that worried her a little– reminded her that being a woman on her own possibly carried a slightly different connotation than it used to.

She looked back at him, mind racing– she couldn't exactly tell him the truth, now could she? Karin cursed herself. Should have talked to Audrina before she came riding into town– she'd given no thought at all to how she'd explain herself, even to the townsfolk. What had she thought was going to happen?

“My name is Karin,” she said smoothly. “I'm a guest of the MacClarans.”

His eyes widened a little in recognition of that name– Audrina had said that they were a well-known family. Hopefully she'd claimed a little of their protection. This man in black was worrying her more than she was happy with.

“Karin. A pleasure.” The man made an odd little bow– inclining his torso without any gesture from his hands. “Sir Baldric.”

A knight? He didn't look much like a knight. Not that she had much of an idea of what a knight should look like– just a fairytale image of a man in armor on a big white horse. More like William had been that night he'd found her on the hillside, she thought– then felt a twinge of annoyance that she was thinking about him.

“Is your Lord Weatherby around? I'd like to meet him.” And make sure he's actually doing something about whatever epidemic has knocked out half the village, she added to herself. Just how scientifically literate were these people? Audrina hadn't painted a particularly promising picture, but they must know something. Europe had survived a huge number of plagues, after all.

As if on cue, she heard a loud voice echoing down an adjoining street, and hoof beats clacking against the cobblestones. A huge white horse rounded the corner. On its back was a man, and if his posture hadn't indicated his status, his clothing certainly would have done the job. He was actually wearing a cape– some kind of fine red cloth, cascading over his shoulders and onto his horse's rump. His dark, wavy hair was incredibly neat, and the sharp lines of his face were clean-shaven, in contrast to Baldric, whose five o'clock shadow made him seem almost scruffy by contrast.


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