Healed by the Highlander (Highland Escape Trilogy Book 1): A Scottish Time Travel Romance by Heather Walker

Healed by the Highlander (Highland Escape Trilogy Book 1): A Scottish Time Travel Romance by Heather Walker

Author:Heather Walker [Walker, Heather]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-07-31T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 17


Damned pile of puff.

Leif glared at the lamb lounging on the pallet as Merwin eyed him quizzically.

“Dinnae look at me like that,” he growled. “Ye’re the one who steals her away half the mornings, so that I cannae even lie with my own woman.” He would to Marissa speak of this. If she ever came back from where she’d disappeared to.

Leif groused, but made no move to get out of bed. He was in a foul mood, having woken to a cold bed when he’d been expecting to roll over and wake Marissa in the most pleasurable way. The choice mornings they spent in his bed together were among his favorite times. He imagined himself astride her, her hair fanned out like a crimson halo. How her smile was all for him, affecting him nothing else ever had. And the melody of noises that sang from her lips at his caresses, facking hell!

Sitting up, Leif directed his glare at the door when Lucan poked his head in.

“Morning, Laird,” Lucan said.

Leif was thankful he’d at least had the foresight to keep his blanket over his raging erection. “Ye haven’t seen Marissa this morning, have ye?”

Lucan shook his head. “Nope. Goin’ to the kitchen to get some breakfast from the lazy hag Yulda. Want me to send her up with yers?”

“All right. Give her some leeway. Ye ken what she’s dealing with.” Leif shimmied into his breeches after Lucan left. It wasn’t Yulda’s fault she didn’t come up here with breakfast the way she used to. After she’d begun lagging in her duties due to trying to take care of her sister, Frielle, he’d informed her to “take a facking extra hour of sleep, why dinnae ye.”

A few minutes later, Yulda came in with a bowl of piping hot bawd bree broth, a concoction made from rabbit. She was barely out of the room by the time Leif had slurped it down. Then, he set himself to getting ready, grumbling to Merwin, “If ye dinnae make yerself useful, I’ll have Yulda cook up some lamb stew with ye as the main ingredient.”

Once Leif was fully dressed, Merwin stood, his leg more sturdy beneath him, not favoring it as he had before, and looked at him dolefully.

“I dinnae ken any more than ye do. I’m no’ even sure whether to be angry or worried.”

No sooner had Leif stepped into the courtyard and inhaled his first breath of fresh air than Circenn pounced.

“Hello, dear brother.” At Circenn’s trilling voice, Leif held back a groan.

She gave his arm a squeeze. “Bhaltair and I may have come up with a way to add the women’s magic to the men’s weapons.”

He squinted at his sister. Her cheeks were unusually rosy, and her emerald eyes unnaturally bright, likely due to whatever she thought would catch his attention immediately. But he was too worried about Marissa to ask her to elaborate. Blending magic with weapons would be a heady power, but that would take practice that they didn’t have time for.


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