Angels in America by Tony Kushner

Angels in America by Tony Kushner

Author:Tony Kushner [Kushner, Tony]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781559367691
Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

(A far-off, deep rumbling.)

PRIOR (To the Angel, hearing something in her story that’s recognizable): He changed.

BELIZE (To Prior): God?

(Prior nods.)

BELIZE: Changed how, honey? If He’s God, how can He—

PRIOR: I don’t know. But He did. He—

ANGEL: He grew weary of Us.

Our Songs and Fornications.

His Angels: Who cannot Imagine, who lack that Faculty.

Made for His Pleasure, We can only ADORE.

Seeking something New,

He split the World starkly in Two

(A mounting fury directed at Prior:)

And made YOU—

PRIOR (To Belize): When God made people He created . . . division.

ANGEL: Human Beings:

Uni-Genitalled: Female. Male.

PRIOR (To Belize): He awakened a potential in the design for change—

ANGEL: In creating You—

PRIOR (To Belize): —for random event.

ANGEL: Our Father-Lover Unleashed

Eternal Creation’s Potential for Change.

PRIOR (To Belize): For movement forward.

ANGEL (Bitter disgust, envy): In YOU the Virus of TIME began!

YOU Think. And You IMAGINE!

Migrate! Explore—

BELIZE: Uh-huh, but . . .

ANGEL: And when you do:

BELIZE: But so like you know none of this is, um, real, right?

ANGEL: Paradise itself Shivers and Splits—

PRIOR (To Belize): I, I didn’t say it was real, I said it was what She told me, and She’s, well . . .

ANGEL: Each Day when You Awake—

PRIOR: Real enough, I guess, I don’t know!

ANGEL (Her fury now directed at Prior and Belize): As though WE are only

The dream of YOU.

PRIOR: Everything’s come unglued, right? So is . . . (The room, the world) this any less plausible than you know than—

(A low but powerful tremor stops Prior. The Angel hears it, too; Belize doesn’t, but he sees Prior hearing it.)

ANGEL (With loathing): PROGRESS!

BELIZE (To Prior): We’re not supposed to migrate? To progress?

(Another tremor, louder and more powerful.)


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