Acting on Love (The Waite Family Book 3) by Angel Devlin

Acting on Love (The Waite Family Book 3) by Angel Devlin

Author:Angel Devlin [Devlin, Angel]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-11-12T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Eleven


"It's all sorted. Cal was more than happy to let Jules go in his place. Sounded positively relieved in fact."

"Your brother is more of a behind the scenes guy, reserved. I think Jules however will love it. Seeing how it all works. Unless of course at the last minute they switch her out for an actress who needs a leg up or a leg over."

Ezra sat back down in the chair. "When they told me I had to take Carrie I was incensed. Not only with the producer, but with life. I had the whole thing planned out in my head, had since we decided you were coming to the states. I'd parade you down the red carpet and announce you as the love of my life. We'd look so amazing together. The awards would take place and if I won one I was dedicating it to you, and then that night I was going to take you home via Central Park, grab a carriage ride and propose to you under the stars." He shook his head and sucked on his front teeth.

"So I made a new plan. I'd not eat much. You'd still wear the dress. I'd still wear the tux and we'd enjoy a meal at one of the finest restaurants Manhattan had to offer and we'd have champagne and in yours would be an engagement ring and I'd drop to one knee and then I'd leave the restaurant showing my fiancée off to the world as we hurried home to celebrate beneath the sheets. But instead, Carrie grabbed me on the red carpet and kissed me. She was not supposed to do that. It took me by surprise and I couldn't create a scene because it would have shown it for the fake assery it was. I didn't realise how damning it looked and I certainly didn't expect you to not trust me."

"It wasn't a lack of trust that made me run," I confessed. "It was the realisation that we led incompatible lives."

"I'd thought fuck it. In desperation, I'd reached into my pocket for the ring, but you thought I was going for my phone to protest my innocence and I thought no, this isn't how this proposal happens, not in a moment of panic. I was set to do it all again the next day, but by then you were back in Willowfield."

"It's where I belonged. But not where you belonged."

"I didn't see my family for a long time then because it was too hard to think that if I came back and bumped into you, you might have got married to someone else, to have had their babies. I never asked about you because I didn't want to know the truth. I wanted you to be happy, but I couldn't face knowing it. It wasn't until Cal called me to tell me we had a half-brother that I decided I had to come back home. And then in the pub you arranged a date with my brother.


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