A History of the Franks by Gregory of Tours

A History of the Franks by Gregory of Tours

Author:Gregory of Tours
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Penguin Group USA, Inc.
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1. The visit made by King Guntram to Orleans.

2. How the bishops were presented to him and how he had a banquet prepared.

3. The singers there; and the silver plate of Mummolus.

4. Praise of King Childebert.

5. The visions of Chilperic which the King and I had seen.

6. Those whom I presented to the King.

7. How Bishop Palladius said Mass.

8. Signs and portents.

9. The oath concerning Chilperic’s son.

10. What happened to the corpses of Merovech and Clovis.

11. The door-keepers. How Boantus was killed.

12. Bishop Theodore and the misfortune which befell Rathar.

13. How Guntram sent messengers to Childebert.

14. The accident which I met with on the river.

15. The conversion of the deacon Vulfolaic.

16. The account which Vulfolaic gave of the miracles performed by Saint Martin.

17. How I saw more portents.

18. How Childebert sent an army into Italy. The dukes and counts whom he appointed and those whom he dismissed.

19. The death of Abbot Dagulf.

20. The transactions of the Council of Mâcon.

21. The tribunal at Breslingen and the violation of a tomb.

22. The death of certain bishops and that of Wandelen.

23. The floods.

24. The islands in the sea.

25. The island where blood appeared.

26. Berulf, who was once a Duke.

27. How Desiderius went to see the King.

28. Hermangild and Ingund, and how messengers were sent secretly by the Spaniards to Fredegund.

29. How Fredegund sent assassins to murder Childebert.

30. How the army marched into Septimania.

31. How Bishop Praetextatus was murdered.

32. The murder of Domnola, wife of Nectarius.

33. The fire in the city of Paris.

34. The hermits who were tempted.

35. Envoys are sent from Spain.

36. How Magnovald was killed.

37. A son is born to Childebert.

38. How the Spaniards invaded Gaul.

39. The death of certain bishops.

40. Pelagius of Tours.

41. The men who murdered Praetextatus.

42. How Beppolen was given a dukedom.

43. How Nicetius was appointed Governor of Provence. What Antestius did.

44. The man who tried to assassinate King Guntram.

45. How Duke Desiderius was killed.

46. The death of King Leuvigild.




1. In the twenty-fourth year of his reign,1 King Guntram set out from Chalon-sur-Saône and travelled to the city of Nevers. He was on his way to Paris, for he had been invited there to receive from the holy baptismal font Chilperic’s son, whom they called Lothar. From Nevers he turned aside and visited Orleans, where he made a great attempt to establish friendly relations with the townsfolk. When he was invited to their houses he accepted and he greatly enjoyed the meals which they offered him. He received many gifts from them and gave them presents in return with lavish generosity. The day of his entry into Orleans was the feast of Saint Martin, that is 4 July. A vast crowd of citizens came out to meet him, carrying flags and banners, and singing songs in his praise. The speech of the Syrians contrasted sharply with that of those using Gallo-Roman and again with that of the Jews, as they each sang his praises in their own tongue.


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