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CHAPTER 12 Ulf realised something wasn’t right as soon as he woke up. The last thing Ulf remembered was sitting around a large fire with his friends, their moods as ...
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* * * The last decade of the 19th century that followed Crown Prince Rudolf’s death and the first decade of the 20th century were characterised by an unparalleled flowering ...
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The Graham family’s ride home was uncomfortable. The carriage wasn’t designed for four adults, particularly when two of them were broad-shouldered, long-legged men like Piper’s father and grandfather. However, it ...
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If anyone had bothered to ask Bjorn Sigurdson, he would have happily told them that he had no desire to be in charge of the defenders of Boulogne. No, he ...
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Seven Constructing Jewish Memory Self-Texts, the Reformation, and Narratives of Jewish History The religious changes in the Christian world were not theologically relevant for Jews to the same degree that ...
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JULIETTE. Just let me wash my hands and we can eat. Wiktor? WIKTOR (staring at ZULA). Yes? JULIETTE (playfully looking at him). You know I love you. WIKTOR. I love ...
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Chapter Ten “We need to discuss Leo.” Adam paused in the doorway to the study and smirked. “And whatever is happening here it seems.” He gestured broadly at the desk ...
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NINE His name was Juan Carnicero, and he was no ordinary soldier of Spain: he was a carrier of official despatches who had ridden all the way from Flanders - ...
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NINE It was a night to remember, Revill would think later, but not for any moment of passion. It was one of confession, for a decision occurred that in the ...
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CHAPTER SIX: THE LADY OF STRIGUIL 1189 ‘Rise, William Marshal. I thought never to see you again.’ William kissed the ring on the Dowager Queen’s right hand and rose. ‘God ...
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