The Six Sigma Handbook, Third Edition by Paul Keller Thomas Pyzdek

The Six Sigma Handbook, Third Edition by Paul Keller Thomas Pyzdek

Author:Paul Keller Thomas Pyzdek [Thomas Pyzdek, Paul Keller]
Language: eng
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Tags: McGraw-Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071623388
Published: 2020-06-25T10:09:25.779360+00:00

UCL = 0.10544


If desired, this procedure can be repeated when a larger number of subgroups becomes available, say 10 groups. This would provide somewhat better estimates of the control limits, but it involves considerable administrative overhead. When the entire run is finished you will have 10 subgroups of 3 per subgroup. The data from all of these subgroups should be used to compute stage one and stage two control limits. The resulting stage two control limits would then be applied to the next run of this part number.

By applying this method in conjunction with the code value charts or stabilized charts described below, the control limits can be applied to the next parts produced on this process (assuming the part-to-part difference can be made negligible). Note that if the standard control chart factors were used the limits for both stages would be (values are rounded)

UCL = 0.00860



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