Hands-On Activities for Children with Autism & Sensory Disorders by Teresa Garland

Hands-On Activities for Children with Autism & Sensory Disorders by Teresa Garland

Author:Teresa Garland
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Hands On Activities for Children with Autism & Sensory Disorders
ISBN: 9781559570695
Publisher: PESI Publishing & Media
Published: 2016-04-14T16:00:00+00:00

Have the child listen and move (dance) to music from around the world. Dancing will help with rhythm entrainment and help decrease undesirable behaviors associated with sound. Start slowly with music that is similar to what she currently likes. Avoid playing more than a minute or two of music that she finds annoying.

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Enrichment Mix-Ins

Here are additional enrichment exercises to build foundation skills for children with autism and special needs. The activities involve speech, emotional awareness, facial affect, verbal rhythm, motor rhythm and basic movement. These important skill areas are not covered in the Environmental Enrichment Protocol. The speech and emotion activities are designed to encourage expressive communication. They include reading books together, playing simple instruments and doing activities that make noise. The motor activities were selected to increase functional and novel movement, and to enhance the child’s sense of motor rhythm. Most of the mix-ins are fun and can be added into the Environmental Enrichment exercise sessions as an interlude or offered at the end as a reward for completing the activities. They do not replace the original set of exercises.


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