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epub |eng | 2017-02-15 | Author:Agarwal, Anil; Borley, Neil; McLatchie, Greg

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Post Procedure Eye Exams The follow-up eye examinations will be obtained the day after the procedure with Dr. Weiss, and are then requested at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, ...
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Conclusions There is weak evidence that surgical treatment, if performed within 6 months after pain debut, leads to better clinical outcomes with regard to radiculopathy. Therefore, if we decide to ...
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Facial Nerve Decompression via Translabyrinthine Approach Huang X-Z, Wang J-B, Kong W-J. Practice of otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery. 2nd ed. Beijing: People’s Medical Publishing House; 2008b. Yang W-Y, Zhai ...
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Step 5.Because of some peculiar mobility of the gastric mucosa, we apply Babcock clamps, bringing the mucosal and submucosal layers together so the gastric mucosa will not retract. Obtain hemostasis. ...
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Subtler changes in shape include the variation in thickness of normal retinal layers. For example, the nerve fiber layer becomes thicker as it makes its way toward the disc; this ...
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Simple strip craniectomy (suturectomy) this procedure largely abandoned unless done concomitant with spring assistance or postoperative molding helmets; recent authors advocate for use of minimally invasive suturectomy which decreases hospital ...
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Chest Wall Injury Associated Injuries Up to 25% of patients with chest wall injuries have one or more associated injuries. Fractures of the first and second ribs, scapula, and sternum ...
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Techniques of PD Catheter Placement Peritoneal dialysis catheter placement can be performed in the operating room by surgeons or by minimally-invasive techniques in radiology suites and outpatient procedure centers. Surgical ...
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Nutrition BMI Weight loss MNA-SF BMI < 21 <80% of ideal weight or weight loss (>5% in 1 month or 10% in 6 months) 1–3 minutes Associated with increased complications, ...
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