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Currently, the originally sextant biopsy scheme is replaced by extended schemes, using more cores directed at the peripheral zone. The biopsy gun is guided to take five peripheral zone biopsies ...
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Figure 9.32 (a, b) Superficial spreading carcinoma involving the body and antrum. Figure 9.33 (a–d) Linitis plastica; pangastric involvement. Figure 9.34 (a) Tumor in the gastric antrum extending into (b) ...
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8.3.3 Leo Gerweck Leo became a member of the laboratory research program in 1974 shortly after receiving his Ph.D. from Colorado State University with W. Dewey as his thesis advisor. ...
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DOSE RATE CONSIDERATIONS: LDR, HDR, AND PDR The prescribed dose and dose rate are important considerations, which take into account clinical, anatomic, and radiobiologic considerations. Specific dose recommendations by head ...
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12.2.5 Applicator Reconstruction Using MR Images Localizing the source path from MR images is challenging because conventional markers used for X-ray and CT cannot be used in magnetic resonance imaging ...
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Anil G, Tan TY (2011) CT and MRI evaluation of nerve sheath tumors of the cervical vagus nerve. AJR Am J Roentgenol 197:195–201PubMedCrossRef Applebaum EL, Berg LF, Kumar A et ...
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[22] A. E. Siegman, Lasers (University Science Books, Hill Valley, California, 1986), Chap. 12, Sect. 12.2 [23] A. Yariv, Optical Electronics (Saunders College Publishing, Forth Worth, 1991), Sect. 10.7 [24] ...
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Notes Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma (IDC) Invasive ductal carcinomas show invasion of tumour cells beyond basement membrane. The commonest variety is the no special type (NST ) or not otherwise specified ...
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10.3.2 Malignant Most malignant hepatic tumors in the Western world are metastases from different primary tumors, most often from colorectal origin. In Mediterranean, African, and Asian countries, hepatocellular carcinoma is ...
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Indications The procedure is indicated for patients with shoulder pain who have been evaluated by a shoulder specialist and found not to be a candidate for surgery. Many of these ...
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9.1 Trochanteric Bursitis Indications:Therapeutic injection (inflammatory disease, greater trochanteric pain syndrome) Contraindications:Suspected infection, in the bursa or in the superficial soft tissues Immunosuppression Coagulopathy/anticoagulant therapy that is not well controlled ...
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PART 5: OPTIONS THAT FILL k-SPACE The way in which k-space is filled depends on how the data are acquired and manipulated to suit the circumstances of the scan. This ...
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Limited or no specimen yield may result in false negative biopsy Lesion location Defer biopsy for lesions located adjacent to critical structures or inaccessible locations Preexisting infection at the skin ...
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