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Fig. 8.10Myofibers of left ventricular wall thickening and tangential shortening near the myocardial septum in MATLAB software Fig. 8.11The same myofiber transactions near the myocardial lateral wall in MATLAB software. ...
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Dermatomyositis Dermatomyositis (DM) is an idiopathic condition (cause unknown) of muscular inflammatory disease with a precise cutaneous involvement, therefore different from the muscular involvement that characterizes polymyositis. It is a ...
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First Degree Heart Block – “The Dependable Relationship” Dependable relationships are reliable, communication is good, and where one goes so does the other. Sometimes even healthy couples need a little ...
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1. ACE-2 Blockers The Covid virus initially gains entry via the ACE-2 receptor sites, as previously discussed. The ACE-2 blockers listed below may work best in the initial phase of ...
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9.2.3 Posterior Vitreous Separation It may happen that the posterior hyaloid is completely attached and stretches over the posterior pole. An access from the edge of the posterior hyaloid may ...
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But this isn’t so easily done, and gaps in the approach prompt concerns like those crystallised in Insel’s position. Social and cultural values, personal and political histories and contexts are ...
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Health IN SICKNESS AND WELLNESS I am always begging my body not to be so broken but my body just laughs because it knows who started this war. —FORTESA LATIFI, ...
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The year in Costa Rica was a wonderful respite from the high-octane pace of New York City. Naava and Noah picked up an impressive amount of Spanish. They learned how ...
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CONCLUSION It's important that parents of girls with ADHD (as well as the girls themselves) do not overreact to the presence of multiple diagnoses. All of these different labels have ...
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CHAPTER 18 The Moral Right to Conscientious, Philosophical, and Personal Belief: Exemption to Vaccination By Barbara Loe Fisher, Cofounder & President, National Vaccine Information Center ( This article, originally written ...
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EASY WAYS TO EAT YOUR LEGUMES There are so many easy ways to get legumes into your day-to-day diet, and the recipes in this chapter barely scratch the surface. Sometimes ...
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References Beauchamp, T.L. & Childress, J.F. (1989). Principles of Biomedical Ethics. Oxford: Oxford University Press, third edition. Beauchamp, T.L. & Childress, J.F. (1994). Principles of Biomedical Ethics. Oxford: Oxford University ...
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