Literature & Fiction
epub |eng | | Author:Joshua Isard [Isard, Joshua]

The call with the Sirs, about storage and shipping logistics, is like having a corkscrew turned into my temple—it is painful and something essential drains out of me. When I ...
( Category: Literature & Fiction January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | | Author:Dustin Tigner

“It’s a warning and challenge,” Entin said, more to himself than the others. “It’s like the underwater dungeon. Eating the food means we—” He stopped and stared at Triton, who ...
( Category: Fantasy January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | 2011-09-05 | Author:Shirley Jackson

PART THREE Life Among the Savages AND Raising Demons Life Among the Savages ONE Our house is old, and noisy, and full. When we moved into it we had two ...
( Category: Architecture January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | 2022-01-15 | Author:Jason Dean

TWENTY-SIX At 11.44 that same evening, Korso and Ozan were parked in the same spot as before, watching the Casa Nueva construction site entrance from the other side of the ...
( Category: Coloring Books for Grown-Ups January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | 1939-01-01 | Author:Raymond Chandler [Chandler, Raymond]

SIX Nulty didn’t seem to have moved. He sat in his chair in the same attitude of sour patience. But there were two more cigar stubs in his ashtray and ...
( Category: Architecture January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | 2011-09-22 | Author:Dan Marlowe [Marlowe, Dan]

CHAPTER 6 GEORGE PIERSON’S death left me in a position with Lud where I didn’t know whether to back up or go ahead. Instinct told me to grab the cow ...
( Category: Mysteries January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | 1994-01-15 | Author:Dan Marlowe [Marlowe, Dan J.]

Chapter 9 The next morning a series of dull clunking sounds woke me. When I turned over in bed, the first gray light of dawn was coming in the window. ...
( Category: Mysteries January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | 2023-01-06 | Author:SHU [SHU]

§ 23. The Magic of Love I called out to the heap of black ash produced by Jirasd’s fury. “How long are you going to play dead? I even suppressed ...
( Category: Action & Adventure Manga January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | | Author:Jessika Klide [Klide, Jessika]

11 Rain. Rain. Rain. Where has the sun gone? Darkness. Loneliness. I am tired. So tired. My arms ache. Heavy. Chains? I’m a prisoner? I am. A low growl. Listen! ...
( Category: Literature & Fiction January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | | Author:Paul Telegdi

By Rail Chapter 17 Homecoming was a sad journey into the past. As soon as the train crossed into southern territory, the devastation became clear. In contrast to the thriving ...
( Category: Literature & Fiction January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | | Author:Jordaina Sydney Robinson

Chapter Twelve “You okay?” I asked Jake. We were sitting on a low wall outside the building watching the police wander around. We were inside the cordoned-off area of the ...
( Category: Mysteries January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | 2018-05-10 | Author:Megan Easley-Walsh

Chapter Thirty-Three October 13, 1884, Diplomatic Hall of the State Department The American delegate put forward his resolution, “That the Conference proposes to the Governments here represented the adoption of ...
( Category: Children's Action & Adventure Books January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | 2015-11-06 | Author:Russ Hall

Chapter Thirteen Al looked back in his rearview mirror and saw they were gaining. He’d have been okay except for that brickhead of a kid and Al’s own tendency to ...
( Category: Mysteries January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | | Author:Rachelle Ayala

Chapter Fourteen “We’re seriously going to watch a movie in a cemetery?” Andie looped Gollie’s leash around her wrist as Cade handed her a bundle of beach towels. “This is ...
( Category: Literature & Fiction January 20,2023 )
epub |eng | | Author:Kris Jayne [Jayne, Kris]

Chapter 5 “You’re right on time.” Adam brought one of my hands to his lips and then the other. The scent of spice wafted through his loft apartment. Whatever he ...
( Category: Literature & Fiction January 20,2023 )

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