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Imagining the Future Normal What if we based our assessment of the effectiveness of government on what happens locally in our communities? How could good governing initiatives that work in ...
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Learning from past mistakes We have considered the possibility that the equilibria towards which the forecasting model and economic system adjust may diverge over the forecast period due to shifts ...
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During meetings, the Systems Inspired Leader is constantly sensing the system, tracking shifts in the energy/emotional field. What is happening in the moment? Is it tense, confusing, or relaxed? Is ...
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Figure 4.6 e-ethnography This is exactly what happens in this type of platform, observing— albeit in the background, hence the name e-ethnography—the user and having the possibility to innovate the ...
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Abimbola, S., Baatiema, L., & Bigdeli, M. (2019). The impacts of decentralization on health system equity, efficiency and resilience: A realist synthesis of the evidence. Health Policy and Planning, 34(8), ...
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Transition trap 2: Asking for options The second transition trap I encountered in my conversations was the failure to consider and embrace sufficient alternatives. This is a crucial Change Mindset ...
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FIGURE 7.1 The Complex Global Supply Chain Faces New and Increased Risks The global financial crisis of 2007–2009 was an inflection point for supply chain executives of multinational corporations (MNCs) ...
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CHAPTER 7 LEVELS OF ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE One thing about being an Enterprise Architect is that it is certainly never boring. Every organization is different in structure, mission, and the problems ...
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STAY CALM AND CARRY ON The ability to maintain your composure in any industry is a valuable asset, specifically when you’re in sales and service. When you become frenzied, and ...
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Your job is not to like your team; it is to not dislike them. 28 Feedback needs to be a window, not a one-way mirror. I’VE PARTICIPATED IN A LOT ...
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Zhang, S., Yang, D., Qiu, S., Bao, X., & Li, J. (2018). Open innovation and firm performance: Evidence from the Chinese mechanical manufacturing industry. Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, ...
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While not all organizations are jumping into headless commerce, some have already made leaps and bounds into the space. Amazon is a standout example of a commerce solution that is ...
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Our discussion on appropriability further emphasizes that innovation does not occur in a vacuum. Innovation emerges out of a broader ecosystem of stakeholders including customers, suppliers, partners, and even competitors. ...
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